kc brain's nl special

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by pnw og, May 9, 2016.

  1. Ok so i got a 5 pack & I don't understand why people are so against them I'm currently working another grow well 2 actually but when my indoor is done I'll work on the nl. I feel like people who buy them like myself are still learning or maybe like myself are over confident in there ability I just feel like a bunch of people who are overconfident & still have things to learn & buy cheap seeds & expect some kind of genetic stability are in for a disappointment I spent under 10 buck's for 5 seeds and I'm not expecting much really maybe a good male for a breading project but not any kind of cup winning 24% the og kush now I'm not saying it's not possible but I wouldn't bank on it. You get what you pay for & your experience shows with the finished product. & as far as the germ rate goes using tap water & a paper towel is kinda asking for problems not saying it does not work but there's better things out there like tap water sat out for 24 hours maybe a rappid rooter or peat puck & a heat mat that's what i use & have only had a few duds but that could be from my improper storage or something that I did wrong. Just my little rant to the cannabis world hope everyone is well sorry for lack of punctuation.

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