KC Brain Mango and California Special (Pakistan)

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  1. I could not seam to find a decent review of KC brain Mango and California Special seeds forget trying to find a decent grow journal. Seeds were purchased from Sea Of Seeds, they did a awesome job with stealth shipping and got my package to Pakistan in just under a week. Without the seeds none of this would be possible so a big KUDOS goes out to theme.

    100% germination with KC brains, so to everyone out there who says they suck and are crap your just not germinating theme right.

    My method of germination was the good old cup of water, i lets the water sit out for 10 mins, put my beans it. Shook everything up 12 hours later, another 12 hours i saw the tap root, and in another 12 hours i planted em. so a total of 36 hours for germination. Leave the cups in a cool dark place.

    I also popped 3 auto flower roadrunners from dinafem seeds again 100% germination following the method described above.

    For the growing medium i messed up and mixed clay soil with peat moss which basically turned into mud with little or no draining. To all the noobs out there never do this.

    I learned and upgraded my growing medium to Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes by J Arthur Bower its a UK brand that was available here in Pakistan. The PH is rated between 5.5 - 6.0

    More details in regards to the growing medium can be found here.
    Composts | William Sinclair | Gardening advice, tips, J Arthur Bower, New Horizons, plant foods, fertilisers, soil products

    I mixed in some perlite with the compost again another J Arthur Bower Product

    I found a local shop located in Lahore that has everything that will be needed I would also like to ask some of the pros to select some fertilizer from the available selection. The URL is mentioned below.

    :-:-:pride Seeds Store:-:-:

    I am growing the plants outside so there is nothing like natural sunlight and according to my research I should have no problems getting the plants vegging.

    At the moment I am giving the plants 13+ hours of sunlight and they will then follow the season and start to flower if everything goes right. The URL below is awesome if anyone plans on using the sun to calculate the amouth on sun hours that they will have.

    Sunrise and Sunset for Pakistan
  2. 20120814_165815.jpg




    I figuere it out.

    The first seeds to germinate were the roadrunner which are the smallest so far and the first 3 in the photo, the Mangos are about 2.5 weeks old and the california specila are about a 1.5 weeks old.

    I am running into a few problems so guidance would be much appreciated.
  3. Update time it has been about a month since my seeds germinated. The roadrunner seeds are still dwarfed however when i started the nutrients they just started to grow again and came backs to life. The 3 roadrunners started to flower. I transplanted 4 of the kc brains mangos and they seam to be doing well. However i did come across a nutrient buen issue and flushed the kc brains california special seeds the plants are now lime green.

    The nutrients that i am useing are sinclair 1-1-1 which basically means 20-20-20.

    Take a look at the pics any and all feedback would be appreciated
  4. I also had to purchase more compost since i rannout about halfway throuhht the transplant. Pics of the nutrients, compost, health & sick plants are attached

















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  5. hey man what happened to this grow? how did it come out?
  6. All went well the plants were harvestead in the 2nd week of November, got mold on my biggest cola plant which was grow in coco, just make sure that there is a good airflow when drying the bud.
  7. Nice... I was really interested in this grow, because you had the courage of growing outdoors man. Would be awesome if u could share some detail regarding growing outside in Lahore. Were the plants under direct sunlight? A few exp growers once told me the cannabis can grow anywhere where maize can be grown... Im sure its true but wtf...its intense heat outdoors. I'm buying my materials from pride seeds and metro ( also a few notes from Scotland) was a little unsure about them but after reading your post I have full confidence in them. Growing indoors though, just cuz I've done it before and the temp outside scares the shit out of me.... Its my first grow in Lahore, its kind of expensive because its indoors but here goes.. Let's see how it goes. Growing ...jack herer, Durban poison, super silver haze and a few random short flowering autos.

  8. Olah from KC, looking good. Keep it rockn. Outdoors may boo nhi hay? Carbon filter ki bachodi may laga wa hoo may abhi to (clos3t gro).

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