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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by nikot, May 25, 2004.

  1. Dark green, compact leaves, alot of red and yellow hairs (i believe a hybird), alot of crystals aswell.

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  2. another

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  3. and again...

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  4. last one...

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  5. looks alright nothing special bro hows the smoke?
  6. I like the little fro sticking up.... looks nice and dankish.
  7. i hope you didnt pay 20/G for that
  8. it is 20/G. the high is pretty decent. after about 4 hits i'm fine. why do you think it looks so bad?
  9. shake them haters off man, i've had some not so good looking shit thats gotten me more stoned than bad ass nug and shit. have fun with the kill
  10. yea, agree with el, that shit dont look good, but the afro puff hairs on it say "yo man, ILL FUCK YOU UP GOOD" so... keep smokin, hit up a bowl man
  11. All of the shit i've been getting out here lately looks similiar to this. Dark green shit that gets you blazed...

  12. ahaha..thats excatly what i said...
  13. looks o.k. to me........but never judge weed on a pic of it.........it's the effect/taste/smell that count, i've seen weed that looks the dogs bollocks, and turns out to be shit, and some stuff that looks horrible, that's blown my head off!

    take thai stick for example, looks like twigs allmost, and is purchased with thread holding it together.........but it's one of the best sativas out there, and hard to come by seeds, or buds, even in Amsterdam............Peace out..........Sid

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  14. i dont see why this stuff looks bad. crystals, red hairs, yellow hairs, what else?

  15. that looks like what i pull out of the drain in my shower...

    a lot of people who post pictures of their bud on here dont use the right lighting, and thats what makes it look not all that great. The best light for taking pictures is the sun, not lamps or even flashes...
  16. yeah dude and take the pics from above..... the focus is all fucked up and only on that one bud. take it from above and they will all be in focus.

    looks good. id pay 10 a g for it. probably 15. i usually pay about 4-5 a g for mids.
  17. it doesnt liike a fair 20 bag. look like a fat dime, i would be disapointed. but looks liek the smoke woudl be great
  18. I didn't buy a gram. I bought a quarter, that was justa few little nugs from it.
  19. when you take a picture of bud you gotta do it close up, with your macro turned on, and lots of light.
  20. looks pretty decent. I'm sure it's a good smoke.

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