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Discussion in 'General' started by Cky26K, May 13, 2004.

  1. any 1 know where i can dl a free version of kazaa lite?

    and a clean version too
  2. Not sure if im allowed to post it here, so ill just PM it to you.
  3. fuck kazaa. fuck spyware. why would you want more spyware? do you not know that there are alternative p2p programs out there?

    recently got WinMX. it was reccomended to me by a foil hat wearer so it's gotta be cleaner than kazaa. :D
  4. kazaa lite shouldnt have spyware, calm down digit. cky get soulseek too, its good for getting music

  5. Hehe, thats exactly the site I PMed him. :)
  6. e-mule or bittorrent are extremely better able to get full cd's off bit torrent in 20mins, about the time it takes to go to the store
  7. so is www.oldversion.com kazaa lite? cause ive been looking everywhere for that, and if its not can u send me it luke? thanx

    lol i was actually gonna make a thread about this today, what a couincidence..

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