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  1. Whatup blades!

    So this girl and i are planning to go kayaking together on friday, probably in the afternoon/evening time and i was curious as to how to keep things on an entertaining basis, i dont think she'd get bored but i feel like it could be awkward if neither of us are talking at any time?

    But then again we'll be kayaking, so i dont know how awkward it could possibly get. Kinda blazed so im not sure how to word everything, what do you guys suggest to make sure things arent weird ever?
  2. Im sure it wont be weird. First time for the two of you kayaking?
  3. If things get awkward, roll your kayak. Chicks dig it
  4. No we've both done it, i work with kayaks daily :rolleyes:

    As for the rolling....no.
  5. That sounds really fun, actually. I'm sure you two won't have any problem hitting it off.
  6. if she is a outdoors or open minded girl she should embrace the silence every now and then to enjoy the scenery.

    i dont think she'll be bored if she wanted to go.

    but one thing that ive learned is that its also up to the girl to keep things fun, like keeping the convo going ect. it should not be all up to the guys.

    this is kind of like relationship advice :hello:

    but oh well, have fun with the trip, ive always wanted to go.

    p.s. just curous but i have a river by my house(harpers ferry, wv) about 20 minutes away and they offer kayaking. i was wondering if i could just show up and rent some out or would i need to get lessons.
  7. That sounds like it would be so much fun! I <3 kayaking :D I don't think it will be awkward at all. You guys don't have to talk the whole time, but as long as there's nice conversation once in a while I'm sure you guys are going to have a blast :)

  8. I agree.

    And for your last question, if it's a calm river with no real rapids, you won't need lessons or anything like that. Kayaking is easy, especially if the boat has a keel. River kayaks that don't have keels can be a bit annoying to paddle through calm water. The keel is the longitudinal ridge on the bottom of the boat, and it keep the boat straight against the torque you make when you paddle. A lot of the "sit up on" styles of floating boats have keels to make it easier.
  9. Yeah, totally. If she's the kinda girl who is fun, and likes outdoor stuff, this is totally the right kind of thing.

    Shit in the city is so boring and dull.

    Does she smoke? If so you two should totally get blazed together. That would really rock while floating.

  10. hahahahahahah:D
  11. If you have any sense of balance you should be fine, how in shape are you though?

    Thanks for all the confidence boosters guys! Ive become a lot more excited since reading this :) We were going to go last week, but my brother got arrested and too much shit was goin on for me, this friday we're gonna try to though. She seems excited.
  12. Update; probably not going to be going kayaking with her, ever. She tried to have her friend Sara come along, and that would be fine with me, except i want nothing to do with Sara. Her and i were good friends and smoking buddies but then she started lying and telling rumors and shit like that to all of her friends, mostly just dumbass highschool bullshit i dont wanna deal with.

    The girl i wanted to go kayaking with, i hinted that i didnt wanna go with her friend and she caught the drift but she just thinks her friend and i should talk it out.

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