Kava Kava...Dangerous or...

Discussion in 'General' started by CuriousToker, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Sadly, I am trying to stay away from weed for a few reasons:

    1) It's too damn expensive. Especially where I am.
    2) Smoking (even thru a vape) is bad for my throat.
    3) It makes me loose some IQ points the next day or two depending on how much I did (the scariest time was when I plain ol' had a memory lapse before my physics final--thankfull it came back a few hrs before)

    Anyways, good ol' mary jane was good for my depression problem (which was very serious at one point...sadly) as 1 smoke per week would set me for a good week.

    I dunno if any1 else is on depression medication, but the stuff is horrid. Either it knocks me out or makes me wish I were. Thus, I'm thinking of trying Kava Kava. From what I've read it's used for depression and anxiety and can be very very relaxing at higher doses.

    However, I hear it's damaging to the liver. Other places say that say the root is not harmful but the leaves/stems are. Anyone know?
  2. If you are only smoking oncer per week it can't be that expensive
  3. Yeah.

    My habit of smoking 4 times a day, every day is pricy. like 80+ a week pricy.... but it's important to me - so it's worth it.
  4. i've had kava straight from fiji. it was the powdered root. it makes your mouth go numb when you drink it and if you drink a lot you get fucked up. but it looks like dirtwater and can taste like it to if you dont mix it right.
  5. Aside from that I can't smoke. Like I can't afford to smoke anything for other reasons.

    It's more of the smoke and the fact that it temporairily lowers my IQ (i have hard classes schedueled daily).

    I ordered some root from iamshaman. I hope the root isn't bad for the liver.

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