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Katt Williams....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MPower420, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Does anyone in here love to kick back and chill with a fat blunt and watch some Katt Williams? I've been so fucked up before that I couldn't watch him anymore b/c he was trippin me the fuck out, but anywhere from sober to halfbaked... i love watchin him. and for the snoop fans, did anybody else see how fucking blistered snoop was at the intro to the show? haha sittin in the car with katt and smokin a blunt. :D

    anybody else like him?

    my personal faves...
    "This shit right here *****!!! This shit's called DEAF *****!!!"
    "This ***** sold me some shit that had me starin at the refigerator for 3 hours. i'ze just sittin on the stove just..... i bet you there aint shit in there *****, i bet you."
    "Yo... that's a couch, right?"
    lmao :smoking:
  2. pimp chronicles 1 and 2 thats some good stand-up. and snoop is riped in the intro.
  3. yeah he's funny, but you kinda killed it, sorry.
  4. Got American Hustle a few days ago. I thought the Pimp Chronicles were better.
  5. lolololol " stop talking shit saying you got it cause it look like a phantom, no n**** it look like a chrysler 300! hes the funniest dude alive

    and then entire white ppl thing " murder! murdered who ive known him for 2 weeks he wouldn't fucking do something like that!

  6. my bad man
  7. So wait the Pimp Chronicles 2 are out?
  8. hahaha, word, katt williams was dope in the pimp chronicles.

    this shit right hea nikka, this shit right hea, this shits called def nikka.
    death, nikka? nikka that dont even sound attractive!
    not death nikka, def!
    deaf nikka? i got shit to do today, nikka.

    damn,,,im high....:smoke:

  9. :confused: how did he kill anything
  10. i love when hes like "u cant get high when the baby is home you get all paranoid cleanin shit that dont need to be cleand then my son walks in and says every time it smells like pine cones daddy be trippin"
  11. Man if you're a Katt Williams fan listen to this snippet off the new DJ Drama album Gangsta Grillz, shit is funny as hell:
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  12. That intro was pretty ill. I wish Katt had of gone into a coma like that other guy.

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