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  1. Katsu is one well known breeder that gained notoriety for it's work behind Bubba Kush, and for sharing it. I've only recently found that he is now in the seed business. Maybe he lacks of exposures, but we rarely come accros someone growing his gear.
    The strains he have are really appealing! Dank stuff. Thing is.. lots if not all of parents used for his breeding are special cuts aka clone only plants. I thrust Katsu, I am sure the guy is legit and the cuts he use were good. But when I see a seed retailer claiming :
    **All strains are selected based on potency, flavor, and overall effect. The genetics behind these strains have been collected for over 20 years from closely-held circles and elite breeders. Pheno hunters will have no problem finding world-class keepers. **
    reading this sure raise more flags than expecations. But still, I thrust Katsu.
    Anyway, I've ordered a pack of Pre98' Bubba X Loompas Headband. I am old school, will pay with money order. I'll let you know how it turns..
    If you or a friend have experience with Katsu seeds, please let me know!
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  2. I saw Katsu on “Dude Grows” podcast about half a year ago. Part of the “know your breeder series”. Pretty informative, I think you will like it if you check it out. Seemed very legit to me.
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  3. Nice!
    I’m currently running Bodhi’s Sakura. It’s a cross of Bubba Katsu and his Wookie male. Pretty damn nice. Very interesting terp profile.
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