Katana's 300w CFL Stealth Grow

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    Hi everyone. Im starting a new grow as the last time i was using ufos and all i can say is what a waste of bloody money. Anyway i went back to what i know works.

    Here is what i am growing.


    Lowlife Auto Hindu Kush Feminized
    Joint Doctors DieselRyder Feminized

    300W 2700k Start To finish
    18/6 Light Cycle
    300w CFL Reflector

    20"Oscilating Fan

    BabyBio Veg nutes. Week 2-4 @ 1/4 Dose
    Dr. Hornbys BigBud. Week 4-6 @ recommended Dose

    And now the the rest the Hindu Kush is a week old today, and the DieselRyder is 1 day old she only popped her head up yesturday. Here are some pics. And All updates will be done on a weekly basis.

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  2. well so much for feminized seeds from lowlife it turned out to be male so i germinated another DR to see how they go they had to be the worst pack of seeds ever besides only one outa 5 germinated the one that did turned out male GRRRR :mad:
  3. well i got a girl which is the DR she was 3 yesturday and has shown female preflowers happy days about time, well here is some pics, i dont know if you can see the preflowers but they are there. I damaged the older by accidentally leaving some water on the leaves but she is okay. I also have another DR seedling but she is only 5 days old.

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  4. Looking good man!
  5. thnaks dude got some more pics today you can finally see the preflowers they are popping outa the top next thing is the stretch.

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  6. Looking sexy so far. About your last grow with the UFO LEDs, how many did you use and did you use them exclusively? Also, how many cfl's are you using now?
  7. hey mate im using a 2700k cfl with one 80w ufo next to it, but for veg i got a 300w cfl, but to be honest i am a little worried that it is going to stay small due to the fact it has done much streching during its first week of flower.
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    Well they looking nice and full from here. I plan on inducing as soon as I get more lighting for my tent. Think the couple panels of LEDs may need some more help.:cool: Aren't DRs supposed to be a little on the short side anyways? How tall were you aiming for?
  9. well yea they are but there minimum grow height is 40cm, well at least that in height i am aiming for. When you are getting ur LED look for 630nm red or as close to it, they are better. also add a few 2700k bulbs to top up the spectrum
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    DAY 34 from seed.

    Well she is in full flower now and is on big bud and i have to say the stuff works. Heres some pics, i have to say she is still small, but grown a little in the last week.

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  11. How much big bud did you add? How tall is that plant btw?
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    well i have been giving it recommended doses, 2ml to 1 litre of water. she has not grown much bigger than what you see there. ill take some pics and put them up later. but apart from that the buds have been getting bigger
  13. Thats great news, I'd rather have the buds growing anyways :smoking: Can you use a lighter for scale on your next pics?
  14. Heres the pics, and a pic of the other ten day old DR

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  15. yea i can i will do the next time unfortunatly you replied when i was uploading the new pics
  16. more pics about a week and a half till harvest shame she stayed so small.

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  17. Nice grow, but I do not get it why would go trough all that trouble to get a product enough for one time smoke????

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