Karmic Koincidence?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tweech's Zone, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Okay, so here I get home from takin' my pups to puppy training class and they crash out within minutes, which give me a bit of time for myself. So I head for The City. Busy night. Lots of posts. I begin my routine... everyone's got a routine for reading posts, right? Anyway, I read the first post about Six Flags and have come up with my solution to hempdude420's question... then I read post #2 and read 'brownies', which was my solution exactly! I look to see who posted it... crusher101?! Isn't that the kid that I bitched at in that other thread for... what was it? Well, whatever it was, I'm sure it was this crusher101. So I mention this coincidence in my post.

    Move on to next thread... the one about the hungerstrike. I read the first post and instantly come up with my answer. Then I get to post #3... there's my answer written by someone else... but who? I look, and it's... crusher101!??! I decide not to reply to this one. I just figure that it's a fluke...

    Next thread... speeding tickets... I'm thinking right away, ''hey, you shouldn't be speeding. Just stop speeding"... and son of a bitch if the next fuckin post isn't "then stop speedin'' by none other than... you guessed it... crusher101!

    So I'm thinking "Shit like this happens for a reason." I've decided to take this as a sign... you know damned well it is... a sign that I should make amends with this kid because he can't be that bad at all.

    So, crusher101, I will admit that what I was saying to you in that one thread... whatever the hell it was... could be seen as me being an asshole to you, and for that I apologize. Sometimes I'm a shit... that was one of those times. Sorry. :cool:
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  2. yeah man, i had one of these dealies with Melkor (among other members) and now we're cool.

    Rep + for taking the high road.

    and i'm pretty sure it would be 'Karmatic'... but whatever.

    what kind of puppies?
  3. dude, you could make a movie of this shit.

    it would be a shitty ass movie. but still.
  4. more importantly, what if the movie made us.

    what if were so much father along in science then we think, and everythought we ever have had is telepathically injected and were all being filmed by hidden cameras for a movie.
  5. This post made me smile. Yay for happy endings! (not that kind of happy ending)
  6. Haha, Where'd this come from?
  7. Am I the only one waiting for crusher101 to reply to this thread?
  8. lol, i was thinking the same exact thing. Where are you crusher!
  9. oh you guys are so much nicer than i always think :)
  10. +Rep, Good post.
  11. apologie accepted

    i was a bit of a dick in that thread so i apologize as well
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  12. hee hee hee :p

  13. Dude, I swear, that was totally unexpected! It never crossed my mind that you'd apologize, too. My respect for you has grown immensely...

    Apology accepted as well! :cool:
  14. and for all those who were waiting for me to reply... i went to bed last night like normal people
  15. Tweech's Zone, awwwwww, haha aren't you seriously cute!!! There is definitely a lot of like minded thinking here. :) I love it. How do you show restraint though? I mean seriously? haha I can't help but post. If someone already made my comment, there is this uncontrollable force that pulls me into the thread and makes me hit that quote button. I need a 10 step program, mmkay. :smoke:
  16. haha, this thread made me laugh....
  17. group hug!


    fuck it. lets go smoke a bowl.

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