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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NNK, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. #1 NNK, Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 9, 2010
    So, I just got my MFLB in the mail and I was totally out of weed, so I call up this girl who usually chops some of her personal stash to her friends but she was out of weed too. I end up getting her emergency hookups number from her and call him up.
    I ask for an eighth after he claims he has some dank shit, and he tells me it's 35 for the 3.5 grams. I tell him I'll give him 30 and he says that's cool too. We meet up and I look skeptical when he gives me the weed in a rolled up sheet of paper and doesn't even try to weigh it out.
    I tell him it looks short, eyeballing it I'd say barely over 3 grams, and he gives it to me for 25 bucks. I get home and weigh it out and sure enough It's 3.2 grams.
    I vape a .2 trench in my mflb right then and get psyched to go out smoking ppl up that night.

    I go by the girl who got me the hookup, smoke her up and refuse to let her pay me back, then go over by my 2 other friends and smoke them up too. They feel bad about it cuz it's all my kush ( I only went thru a gram that night anyway, and it got 4 ppl high lol) so they buy me food.
    I crash at their place and the next morning they're in a rush to get the bus to go home for canadian thanksgiving so I walk to the bus stop with one of em.
    On the way there I glance down, and lo and behold, I spot a fat little dime bag on the sidewalk. Nice and stuffed with a fat nuglet sitting comfortably in there.
    My friend can't believe that I just found at least a gram of weed on the sidewalk and he's just tripping out the whole time, lol.
    I get home and weigh it out, and it turns out to be 1.6 grams of some decent looking shit.

    So after smoking 3 ppl up and having a bomb of a night, I still have around 3.5 grams of weed left :D

    Edit: Added pics, stuff on the left is what I found, and stuff on the right is what I bought.
    Stuff on the right looks damn dank under my camera lens, was told it was some kind of kush lol

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  2. thats kinda dope...You do good things for others and it comes right back to you.

    BTW OP how was the high using the launch box? I want to get one myself and I heard it makes kush make you feel like it was a sativa strain?
  3. weed karma is true, eventually someone will be like, "yo, come over. I got a blunt of Sour D." *screeching tires*

  4. This is so true. That's why I take every opportunity I get to smoke people out. Plus, since I smoke alone about 80% of the time during the week due to classes, it's just nice to smoke with some chill people on the weekends :smoke:.
  5. Sounds like a hell of a night. Wish I had your karma lol.
  6. gotta love the karma man
    and to whoever said blunt of sour d up there im just about to spark up my j of sour d :smoke:

  7. The launch box is amazing, it gives you more of a sativa high until you realize you're too high to stand up, at which point you usually fall asleep haha.

    I torched a bowl of that stuff I found and it definitely felt like a sativa by itself. Floaty heady high and no couchlock. Made me take a 4 hour nap lol
  8. my broke ass friends never buy bud and im always smokin them up, i pray that one day my weed karma is noticed by the weed gods

  9. I only smoke up ppl that I know will do me a favour back though. That girl I smoked up usually buys zips of northern lights or sour diesel when she goes back home. So when she comes back she'll be down to chop me some at a good price haha.

    My boys on the other hand, will smoke me up at some point, buy me food or booze or hook me up with concert tickets etc.
    Nobody really mooches in my circle of friends haha

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