1. I've been thinking about karma and shit recently and have come to the personal belif that karma certainly does exist, but not to the point people think it does.

    I think karma is subconscious. Without even being fully aware, you subconsciously punish yourself for what you did.

    Notice that the only time karma really happens alot is when you feel on either of the bi-polar emotions? Either guilty or ecstatic.

    This works for positive karma too. When you know that you helped someone out, you brain subconsciously rewards you, and influences your actions for the better.

    I don't know if this makes complete sense, but i'm blowing my mind haha.
  2. how can you be sure it's all in your head? what if it's just unseen and not understood, so the only manifestation that's recognizable is through people's actions. kind of like when scientists discovered that moldy cheese does not manifest mice, but the opposite
  3. now im not a scientist or anything but im prettysure that mice does not manifest moldy cheese. actually i think its the mold.
  4. whoosh
  5. Karma does exist, but you are right, not in the way everyone think it does. Everything is connected and if negative energy is released onto something, then negative energy will return at some point in time. Karma is not the, "Oh I injured someone, later in my life I will become injured as well." It has to do with energy transfer rather than physical actions.

    Why do you think that when people talk nicely to their gardens they receive a good yield?
  6. Religions purpose is to get people to behave. Karma is a part of buddhism and hinduism. Therefore, the concept of karma was introduced to get people to behave. It's as simple as that for me.

    It's interesting though and I'm adding it to the list of shit to read up on.

  7. i disagree, the devil is to get ppl to behave, good thing the devil doesn't exist, Karma is just a fact that religons simply point out, its not a scare tactic like the way you make it sound like
  8. Karma is a teacher, if you watch and listen.

  9. Amen.
  10. its just another illusion we tell ourselves as an excuse to be "good" people. its like god, some unknown force that will punish the bad and reward the good. when u realize its all bs.
  11. Really? it is just an outside external unknown force which decides justice?

    How many times have you heard something along the lines of 'If you're going to do something, do it right', 'what goes around comes around' or 'The more you put into something, the more you get back"?

    There is a reason we have sayings and phrases. It is knowledge that was so common at one point, that the meaning and all the regular connotations that came with it were summed up in a sentence or two, rather than a full paragraph+ of explanations. Because you are unaware of its origin, or the real truth behind it, it seems like mysticism.

    We know that effort yields results. This is visible in everyday life. The more energy you focus on something, the bigger the end result. If you have good intentions with that energy, it is likely yield a positive result; inversely, negative intent or approach will likely yield negative results.

    I'm not singling you out to be an asshole, but this mentality is very common in this generation. try to think in the present (not the past or future) and watch how much more energy you have to focus on other things, and with this you will realize how truthful the concept of karma is.
  12. i always drive really defensive and give up the right of way sometimes. and every time i get a penny or more pennies, i always donate my pennies to the cancer fund thing, it adds up, i hope i get some good karma for that
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    Hmm I guess you didnt get what I was trying to say then. I was equating karma to the belief in a god that will punish "bad" behaviors and reward good behavior and I'm saying its all bullshit. Nothing is judging us and no force in the universe is "righting the wrongs" of human behavior. I dont believe in right or wrong, so consequently nothing can judge our actions.

    I did not say hard work does not usually create desired results. I fully believe that. You seem to be mixing the two together when they are seperate. In our society actions like robbing, snitching, violence etc. tend to bring undesired consequences but that is not the result of karma or any outside force. It's simply consequences of our actions. If I snitch on you, you will become angry and want revenge, that wasnt karma's doing.

    Also, just because it's a saying does not mean it is true. It's just as easy, probably easier to spread false information than fact.

    Back to the topic anyway, I think you're on to something OP our sunconscious is much much much more powerful than we understand and I totally believe if you do anything that makes you feel good (doesnt have to be helping anyone) you brain will reward you.
  14. my brain tells me karma should be all in your head.

    however, my life experience tells me that it isn't.

    who to believe?
  15. More to life than your brain? What will you "think" up next?
  16. I know what you said. And I am simply putting out another idea. I don't think Karma has a connection with a god who seeks to punish and reward.

    And I wasn't talking about hard work, as in pursuing a successful wealthy life sort of sense. I mean that, like you said, every action has consequences, good or bad. Depending on how you use the information and tools around you, there is going to be either positive or negative results. This is what I am saying Karma is to me. Its the law of nature, good brings good, bad brings bad. It is universal. Why are the two separate? Because you've decided in your mind that they can not be one in the same, or go hand in hand?

    And I didn't say that saying were absolute truth. Like a ripple in the pond, it gets more and more distorted the further from the origin it gets. You have to consider though, all information is passed down. So, how can you decide which is fact, and which is fiction?
    There is more than likely a reason why some phrases developed and some did not. You should to consider why you hear these kinds of things on a daily basis. Understand their origins, etc.

    I do agree with you, though, about our subconscious. It is definitely a powerful thing. I think that our conscious is ridiculously underestimated/underutilized too. Also, Can you give an example of what you mean by our brain rewarding us for making ourselves feel good? Like just the emotion of happiness, or through physical reward?
  17. An all too common problem I encounter is miscommunication, and this is another case of such.

    Different definitions of karma has us on different pages, so I'll accept your definition for this post. If you define karma in that way, I don't see how I can disagree. I always see karma in reference to some sort of force that will exact revenge in our name. In that sense it's nothing more than another way humans satisfy their need for revenge. I do have to disagree with "good brings good" "bad brings bad" If I believe that no action can be judged as good or bad then that point is meaningless to me. I see your point but I respectfully disagree :smoking:

    Again I agree the reason why some saying are passed down and some are not is because the people that heard them found them to be truthful to them in their lives and wish to pass down wisdom in hopes of helping other generations. That still doesn't mean its the best information or even useful. You must accept that passed on information could be destructive in the wrong hands.

    I've got class so I'll elaborate on the final point later but basically, it's our consciousness job to weed out all the "useless" information and present only what's useful in our daily lives. There is so much we don't see or actively perceive its insane. We actually choose mates subconsciously by smelling our their immune systems. Women prefer men with strrong immune systems and ones similar to their fathers, but you'll never hear a girl realize or admit that :cool:
  18. Its all good man :smoking:

    Thanks for the open mindedness. I made a post earlier in the politics section, here is an excerpt that I believe is relevant:
    just some food for thought :)

    I agree with you, to an extent. I made a mistake in my last post, I should not have said 'good brings good, bad brings bad' because that is an adaptation of good vs evil, and what I meant was the contrast between positive and negative (these are as close to subjectivity as we will get), which can be felt by emotions, which then dictate bad and good. You're right, some phrases aren't useful, but if they have been passed down, it must be considered that it was relevant at one time, a mass populous found it meaningful. If one considers these things, it can open news doors and questions which allow for truth.

    And information can be used for destructive purposes, but that is not their fault, and it should again, be refered to as positive and negative, as these actions are something we judge from the point of view of "I".

    We have 'intelligence', that is our brains capability of perceiving, understanding, and sorting information. Some animals have a lower intelligence than us. However, can we be sure we're perceiving all the information around us? The correct way? The human form may not be the 'be-all-end-all' like we so highly like to think of ourselves. But yes, our conscious and subconscious are both very powerful things.
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    Wow, I couldn't agree more, good job sir. :smoking: I am a HUGE advocate for self responsibility. If you know the consequences of you're actions, and still choose to do them anyway you are 100% responsible for them. And you made a key point, we as a society are content. The highschool graduation rate was 51% in Ny and they were FUCKING CELEBRATING :confused: I am a very poor college student who is dependent on financial aid, why are we content as a society with not contributing enough to our younger generation's education, I mean yes Im thankful for getting some help, but maybe the government should stop fucking pouring billions of dollars for people to die and use that money to educate our youth and take this country in a new direction. fucking idiots /rant :D
  20. I will tell you 100% certainty we do not perceive all that is around us. Simple example is UV lights, its there, bees and flower use it but we cannot. I can go on forever just think of the possibilities of other dimensions right in front of us we cannot perceive. I saw a documentary that claimed birds see in 2-D since they only need to see the surface of the water. So to them, their reality is a 2-D world. We can only perceive 3-D so this is only reality for us if more dimensions exist. :cool:

    And to elaborate on my previous post, I think there are some things that intrinsically make humans happy. Now just because its the case, I believe it's result of evolution and chance nothing special about it (atleast spiritually ;)) The op's example is one of them. Helping others generally is pleasing to humans, and as a added boot we tell ourselves karma will reward us for our "good" deeds. So things that make you happy are very powerful on the subconscious, which affects every aspect of our life.

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