Karma, the one and only

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingToker, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. So, about last week ago, I was with my buddies, and I trusted this girl, since we were both smoking buddies for a long ass time. She got a boyfriend and I trusted him too, I went over there for about a month straight smoking them out, and I bring 2 of my friends, and get $50s worth. No problem there, I mean this guy always comes back. Well guess what, he didn't this time.

    Everyone kept telling me to beat his ass for that. But I'm not fighting over drugs unless it was a large amount of money, and for me to spend that much money, I have to trust you more than anyone else. So the dude never came back, so his girlfriend smoked a bag with us cause thats all she had. No harm, I mean this girls cool and all, and I'm not mad at her and i wasn't mad at her boyfriend either.

    She thought I was, but I told her I wasn't. If some guy wants to beat me with $50 worth, whatever go ahead, it's my fault for trusting him.

    Well guess whattt mothafookah, this guy just got put in jail for not going to court. Man I love karma. Bites people right in the ass.
  2. there ya go dude.

    Karma happens.
  3. Definately. :hello:
  4. I used to believe full heartedly in karma... But recently karma hasn't done shit and is backfiring on me :'(
  5. Maybe you did something bad yourself. Karma can take time. ;)

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