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karma, prayers needed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. had a relatively close family friend die today in a car wreck, she was just a few years older than me, just starting life, she finished paramedic school either last year or the year before and was so excited, anyway, her dad also just lost his mother to cancer, and with it being at the holidays they really need some prayers and karma, its just sad that such a promising life was ended, again, good karma, prayers, and whatever else you can muster up are sorely needed for this family. it will find its way.
  2. wow im really sorry to hear that ill definitely pray for the death of that person and have the people at my church pray as well... im really sorry for you but i feel really bad for the father who lost a daughter... wow that sucks... all my karma goes out to them....
  3. That is a heartbreaking story namron and I definitely feel much sorrow from this situation. I hope the father recovers alright, the loss of both mother and daughter can be more than just intense on one man. They are in my prayers namron, stick in there.
  4. Sorry to hear such a tragic loss to the family and yours namron_420s. Rocdog and I send our condoleces.
  5. i'm sorry to hear that namrom... i'll definately keep the family in prayer
  6. I'm sorry for your loss Norm and am sending prayers and karma your way.

    I understand your loss in more ways than you know. I just lost a dear friend of mine last friday and went to his funeral yesterday. He was an older man and died of a heart attack here at work. I was called in shortly after the attack and had to watch as the EMS tried everything they could to revive him. I helped get himinto the ambulance even though he was already gone.

    Rememeber the good times and to celebrate life while we still have it!
  7. I'll send you all the good karma and I shall keep you and your family in my prayers.........
  8. I'm really sorry for the loss of your friend and for everything that her family is having to endure during such a difficult time. Life is precious. It's sad that death has to remind us of that.

    I'm sending an abundance of amazing karma your way.

    ...Poppa, I'm sorry for your loss as well. It's hard to watch someone die. Karma's on it's way to you, too!
  9. Sorry to hear that Normy.

    Who knows why things like this happen?

    I certainly don't.

    But at least they get to be forever young.

    Mourn the loss, but celebrate the life too.

    I shall now go don the chicken strips and become the Dahli Larma of Karma. Good stuff coming your way.

    Be ready.
  10. yeah, thanks to you all, its times like this that make the city great...

    what the theory is, is that she went off the road, and overcorrected, and slammed into a clay embankment, they think she hit the steering wheel, my dad went with her dad out to the wrecking yard today so he could clean out her car, and dad said that jerry kept saying, 'if only i had gotten her a car with an airbag'...

    also my grandmother is in the hospital for observation, and my best friends grandfather is in the hospital for some sort of colon removal type thing...karma their way would be good too

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