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  1. arrest this man. he talks in maths. all these posts, all the anxiety. all these feelings of lostness. all these ideas i've built up and all those questions i've answered. i think i answered them, but yet the others still keep asking. i've told them the answers, but they keep asking. who is wrong? them or me?

    i've given all i can, it's not enough. they've given me cause to hate them, despite all they have done is ask. these answers are evident. why must they be so ignorant? i have seen the beyond, and i know all the answers. they have been shown to me. how dare they come to question me, as if it is an interrogation! this is what you get, when you mess with me.

    for a minute there, i lost myself. i realize that i don't own knowledge or wisdom. i realize that i am ignorant, and only in search of the same. i have done nothing wrong in my search, and as such, the police can pass me by. for a minute there, i lost myself. but in time, i came back to the basics. i came to realize that i know nothing.

    and that he who claims more than that does so from pride and pride alone.
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  3. this is what you get.

    edit: I had to go listen to that song lol
  4. this is what you get if you eat it after not smoking it for awhile. :)
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    I do go through those stages of thought every once in a while. Usually after having a forum debate. Good stuff.
  6. Well good for you. I see my thread got deleted but I know it had something to do with your recent enlightenment. Good for you
  7. do you see that the only enlightenment i've found here is that spirituality and philosophy are two sides of the same coin?

    some of us have answers and others seek them. when i see the discontent with the asking of the questions, it makes me feel as if those with the answers aren't very committed to them. if you really feel content in your correctness, why would you not be content with people asking questions?

    we're all talking about the same things.
  8. It's like nobody is wrong and nobody is right.

    We are all just describing a different piece of the picture.

    Man, I'd kill a man for some space cake.
  9. I prefer to think of it as everybody is right, and some of us are trying to be wrong so that we can improve our understanding. I am right in my thinking until I find it to be wrong, and I am not afraid to find it to be so and improve it.

    We could be describing different pieces of the picture, but I think we also have different approaches to understanding.
  10. When talking about philosophy I'm well aware of the fact that I may never come to a solid conclusion.
    I know I'm somewhat right, but somewhat wrong. Sometimes my wrong and right conflict with each other and create neutrality - which then becomes my new right or wrong. An endless cycle.

    So what's the point of even debating philosophy if no answer can ever be achieved?? I don't know, but it sure is damn interesting to question.
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    Full circle, the answer to your question might be said as Radiohead did in the song that inspired my post: to lose our selves. We question, we seek, we "lose" ourselves. We don't know the answers, but we are drawn to the idea that we can lose ourselves in the questions. The very idea of asking for my purpose in life seems to beg me to lose myself in the answers. It is always aligned toward spiraling out of control. The mysteries seem to beg us to stop thinking of ourselves and go beyond the self in search of the answers.

    Why do I exist? Why do we exist?

    It's not just in asking, it's also in living. We aren't interested in these mysteries just for the sake of curiosity. We are looking into ourselves to discover how to live our lives. Socrates insisted that the purpose of his life was to live the good and true life in preparation for the ultimate life beyond, so that he would not have "baggage" in the afterlife. I think the idea of afterlife is something of a crutch. I don't expect to go on after death, but I still recognize that my life has the capacity of touching others, and so it should be lived to enrich not just myself, but everyone who follows.
  12. Wow, excellent post. There is soo much I want to add to that, but I'm way too washed out from this damn "herbal blend" stuff. Gotta stay clean for a few more months... job related.

    I definitely got to come back to this post tomorrow, though - and add my 28.3¢.
  13. We are all wrong no one is right. I would like you to look at this quote and move beyond the context to understand what I'm saying

    God has said ,The images that come with human language do not correspond to me, but those who love words must use them to come near-Rumi

    What is right is beyond words thats why everyone is wrong. Being right is like experience, no one can tell you thats wrong meaning everyone that tells you you're wrong will forever be wrong because its beyond words. Something like principle moving beyond reason
  14. Is this post right or not?
  15. Its wrong because I say so
  16. does that satisfy you?
  17. I think you meant to say: It's wrong because I choose to believe so.

    You meant that in a subjective sense, right?? Or were you straight-out trying to act smug??

  18. 1- "Full circle" seems to be the place I end up at every time. I couldn't agree more on the rest of that statement. It's the "truth" - or should I say that it is an AGREEMENT between you and I. A relative "truth."

    "we are drawn." Seemingly against our will, an underlying logic/process within our minds drives us to do so, to search.
    There seems to be this essence within all life - including all matter - that wants to expand, to reach out and interact. Almost like a type of virtual gravity.

    2- "go beyond the self in search of the answers." There it is, again!! What is this force?? What is need to expand and explore?? This logic is everywhere, and its damn amazing.

    3- "Why do I exist? Why do we exist?" That I couldn't tell you, my friend. I think the effects from simply existing cause influence throughout.
    That's the key word there: influence.
    The influencer influences the influencee, which puts the influencee in motion with the potential to influence others with the influence of the initial influencer. And so on.
    Hope you understood that! Tongue twister for sure. Think of a nuclear-fusion chain reaction.

    4- "We aren't interested in these mysteries just for the sake of curiosity. We are looking into ourselves to discover how to live our lives."
    I don't think so either. I believe it's an intrinsic force within us that drives us to curiosity. A fundamental force that is necessary and mandatory for all things existing.

    5- "I think the idea of afterlife is something of a crutch." I do too, unfortunately.
    "my life has the capacity of touching others, and so it should be lived to enrich not just myself, but everyone who follows."
    Your life most definitely has the capacity of touching others. Fundamentally so. As if that is your inescapable purpose.

    I think the ego is a result of transformation. A transformation from primitive animal to super-conscious animal.
    I think the ego is there to maintain and perpetuate us. To coincide with the logic of reality, which is to grow, grow, grow.
    I'd love to get more into the purpose of the ego, but that's for another subject/thread.

    Great post, by the way. It really shaked and stirred my mind there for a minute!! There's nothing better than a big cup of mental stimulation in the morning.

  19. Both. 2 birds with one stones because my answers do not satisfy Mr. Postal Blowfish. Mr. Postal Blowish, it satisfies me because it left my mouth. In other words if I said it I meant it

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