karma is real : if you believe in it.

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  1. Ive always believed in karma, ever since I knew what it meant... I don't remember when that was though lol but anway : heres two storys, good karma, and one bad, ill start with the bad:
    these are both true by the way, and it all started last weekend;
    It was friday night, finished working at seven, didn't really feel like partying or nothing so I called up my buddy see if he wanted to have some beer and obviously get high as fuck. He was down, so I headed over, were both pounding the coldshots down, I ended up shotgunning nine by the end of the night, so I was pretty drunk if you know what I mean..
    anyway, the day before I think it was, we were locked out of his apartment cus he forgot his key, so he's lookin at his windows trying to find one to break into (not break the window, just force it open) but then this fat fuck with like 6 2L of pepsi shows up and he's like "HEY! do u live here? ok well if I see you break into your apartment im calling the cops"
    My buddy was cooperative with him and he said ok wtv, but really my friend was fucking pissed at this guy cus he's had some shit with him before.
    So my buddy decides to just try to get inside, but we had to wait 1 hour and a half for the landlord to get there to let us in.. it fucking sucked, we just sat down and did nothing.
    anyway back to the drunk as fuck night;
    My buddy decided he was gonna slash a tire of that fat guy's car on the way out to go smoke a joint.. I told him not to but he did it anyway cus he was drunk as fuck too.
    well he successfully slashed it with a little fuckin steak knife and the blade stayed in the tire, I had to remind him to take the blade out though...
    so yeah we smoke the joint and later on im ready to head home in the next town over. So its like 1:30am and im longboarding home, and about half way home I notice my new iphone is not on me anymore. What a great feeling. (sarcasm)
    I was fucking pissed man like I had it for a month, and there you go, gone like the wind.. But i still decided to backtrack, and after about 10 minutes of backtracking, whaddaya know.. theres my iphone in its case in the middle of the road. I was pretty pumped, but then I turned it on, and the screen was all cracked to shit, it got run over by a car or some vehicle.
    After many FUCK!@@!!FUCK!!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!! CUNT!!!!!!!!!1 FUCK!@!@!@!!1 's I longboarded home, passed out, dreamed my phone started working again (literally, i remember it lol)
    woke up, phone was still fucked... lame..

    while i was riding home, is when I realized, this is what bad karma feels like.. (for letting my buddy slash the tires and me somewhat helping him not fuck up, by telling him to pull the blade out...)

    and now heres the good karma, this one should be shorter haha
    the karma part happened this morning haha;
    last night I was scheduled to work until 9, which I defenitely didnt mind, cus I usually go to bed around 10pm to wake up at 7 am to get ready for school and shit..
    But my manager was like stressin out because we were a little short staff, and the other manager had just quit with no notice that day, so he was there alone, and at the start of my shift he asked me if I could stay till close, but i pretty much said no because I gotta be up at 7 am , and he didnt seem to mind, oh yeah, i didnt know about that manager quitting at that point yet.
    Later on while working I heard about the other manager quitting, thats when I realized how much the manager working was stressin out, and had a bunch of shit to do, So I told him I'd close for him tonight, and he was so thankful like I could see the weight being lifted off his shoulders, and that made me feel pretty good knowing that i'd be on my managers good side, cus its not the first time I've done this for him either :p
    hes a cool guy though haha,
    anyway yeah, I woke up at 7 as usual, barely, lol my eyes were like glued shut.. I got like 4 hours of sleep...
    I barely had time to finish my coffee, smoked a little joint and headed to the bus stop, waited for about 20 minutes. realized the bus was gonna be late, everyone at the bus stop started leaving so I did too, called a bus-info number, found out the bus is 1 hour and a half late, So i get some decent chilling time for once in a long time after 7 am on a school day haha drank some more coffee, smoked another bigger joint, and decided to write this.

    its pretty much time to go though now haha,.

    hope you guys enjoyed my story's
  2. find a fresh white bic on the ground ... dont pick it up
  3. i believe in karma, this one time i won 100,000$ on a scratcher only to get hit by a car because i was an asshole in the past.
  4. I heavily believe in karma, You'd take a look at me and be like that kid doesn't have problems. I look like an average dude, play football, run track etc but damnnn I gotta say I've busted my face on pavement, dislocated my right shoulder 20+ times to the point I had to get surgery, My appedix ruputured which was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life lol I try to be careful on things I do because karma is a bitch.
  5. Don't really know if this is karma or just being nice, alight so I was going to highschool and decided to make a timmys run, got there really late, but I had a donut so I just gave it to him as a peace offering for being so late, anyways it turned out to be his favorite donut and was what he was craving, he gave everyone A's because of it, it was supposed to be out of 100 but he made it out of 50 so the people that wouldn't regularly pass got an A. So yeah, pretty pumped on that.
  6. Karma is obviously real...
  7. do good, feel good.

    feel good, look good.

    Do, look, and feel good...and with time...good shit will happen.

    Its pretty basic actually..
  8. That is not what karma is.

    Karma is from..Buddhism?
    It only affects your next life
    If you are worried about "karma" coming back to get you, then of course something bad will happen.

    If you don't believe/worry you are fine.

    I know that's how the public portrays it, but that's not what karma really means.

    Hell I dont care about either explanation, just pointing that out.
  9. Karma is the basically the same thing as newton's laws of motion. karma doesn't mean "good" and "bad" karma. It means for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every cause, there is an effect. That's my idea of karma. I believe it to be true in this uni

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