Karma is a bitch and it can kill you!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ÆRIAL, May 18, 2009.

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    In all fucking seriousness I was attacked psychologically because of my bad karma, it affected my soul and my psyche. It can do the same for you. Watch your back out there, in mindspace. It can get hectic. Especially you hallucinogen users out there. Protect yourself. You will know what I mean when you think about this the next time you trip on the right chemical if there is any truth to what it is that I am saying. :wave:This waiving hand will be it....

    EDIT: lies all lies
  2. Okay reading this back to myself tripped me out...
  3. In order for something to exist, you have to give it some sort of linguistic validity, some sort of epistemological currency. In peru they have a linguistic disease called Susto, which if you get it, you really get ready to cash out your properties and move away from those you value in order not to put them in harm's way too, probably seek out a shaman or something to get cured, although this is very rare. You say goodbye to those you love, you pay your debts, you cash out your shit and get ready. Ready for what? This is where it gets strange: ready for the absolutely worst fucked up things to happen to you! I mean, the roof falling on your head is not too improbable.


    If we go to peru, we are safe. We cannot get this disease, we are protected, we have some sort of immunity. It is a disease travelling within the confines of Peru's language! A linguistic disease!

    Bottom line.
    In order for something like that to be able to affect you, you must include it in your belief system. This is where I am trying to get. In order for something to exist, you have to give it some sort of linguistic validity, some sort of epistemological currency.

  4. What are you talking about?....both of you?
  5. You really don't understand?
  6. Really.:cool:
  7. I probably wont either when I'm not that wrecked ^^

  8. im a strong believer in karma. I know many people that are fuckin selfish as hell and rob people for drugs, money, guns stuff like that and the craziest thing is bad things happen to them more than any one person they take from. Honestly the people who are out doing the evil are the ones who it comes back on. This is y I am curtious and i tried to be non judgemental but i will always judge someone i cannot (or who i feel i cannot) trust. I don't commit an act against another unless that person (or group) has harmed me or my people in any way. Karma is one of those things that i don't think much about but when i do think about karma it makes sense with everything in my life. EVERYTHING is naturally balanced out it seems.
  9. Thank you for your contribution. really

    mindfuck in the morning wrapped in enigma, always great for the sleep deprived mind.
  10. What you just said was you believe in karma, unless someone does anything to you or your friends. Then you take fate into your own hands. That is called revenge, and obviously you don't believe in karma very much, if you would retaliate in such a way.

    I also don't understand how you think that karma comes back on those people you know who rob others. Every action have an equal or opposite reaction is more appropriate in your case then. It isn't crazy that bad stuff happens to those people, every one follows your rule of revenge and they go out after those 'bad' people. You said so your self that you would do the same.

    Nice attempt at acting noble.:rolleyes:
  11. Expecting life to treat you fairly because you're well behaved is like expecting the bull not to charge you because you're a vegitarian.

    But i've been robbed, of quite a bit...

    HOPEFULLY, Karma will take care of it for me. Maybe a flying pig will hit him that has huge tusks. But if not, i'll just cut his middle finger off so he can't fuck anyone else over. What if i'm supposed to cut his finger off, and that IS his karma? In return, would I receive bad karma also?


  12. Dude...if you believe in karma then stay away from here. How many times do you want us to ban you? You were banned temporarily and couldn't be a man and accept the ban so you made accounts to troll around with and got your main account permanently banned...and then you came back again.

    Move on. There are so many other websites out there. I'm sure you'll find one where everyone will hug you and pet you and call you George...or MarijuanaBudha, or I Weed+DXM or I Crack or any of the other names you go by.


    I really have better things to do with my time here than deal with stupid kiddie shit. I really do!
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