Karma can cause bliss so don't be ignorant!

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  1. Damn fellas whats good?

    I've recently started to Go-out-of-my-way to help people. Sure enough uncommon rewards have presented themselves to me.
    two things happened today and im almost certain that they rooted from my behavior.
    1. i'm walking out of class today and im heading to the campus book store to return some books for $$:smoking:$$ heheh but while walking to the store A gentleman ( 30's-40's) is fumbling with his wallet. Im about 30 yards behind him when i notice a piece of paper fall from his hands as he keeps walking. I think nothing of it until i reach the paper, it was a twenty dollar bill crumbled into a messy ball. I pick it up and hurry after the man to give it back. I reach him and tell him that the twenty fell out of his pocket as he was walking. He smiles big and tells me to keep it. He also thanks me for contributing to his experiment. He WAS a psychology teacher, and he was seeing how many people actually gave the money back. ( no idea why he was dropping 20's, the man must be loaded) I was dumbfounded and said " no sir this isn't mine" he answered. " money is worthless to me,however, faith and love is priceless." and kept walking. I stood there... not having a clue what to do.

    2. I just returned my books, not lie i feel great b.c i was just rewarded $20 for being a good Samaritan. As i'm walking to my car, still in disbelief of what just happened, a man comes up to me and ask if i have any jumper cables. I thought for 3 seconds and said " no man sorry i dont " my mind was elsewhere, NOT GOING TO LIE I WAS THINKING ABOUT GETTING HIGH:eek: but as i walk... i turn around to see him ask another fellow to only be turned down again. I get to my car, i can still see him a few hundred yards away just sitting there. I look all around my trunk and to my surprise i found Jumper Cables. I pull up to the guy " hey buddy, i can actually help you out "
    I give the man a jump, he shakes my hand and thanks me. Im getting back im my car, I hear " yo man wait up i got something for you" he comes over with a un-opened 12 pack of Pabst Blue ribbon, hands it to me and saids "thanks for being that one who gave a damn" I refuse but he insist, hell im not going to refuse Free beer on the second offer so i take it.

    As im driving home, these two incidents fly around my head. I'm filled with this high, I cant even explain to you what it felt like. I was high on happiness because i helped these two men. I never thought such a great feeling could come from helping others. ahhh sooo rewarding :p

    Who believes in Karma, lemme hear some similar stories.

    ps: yes this has been made into a thread before, but mines more badass :yay:just kidding:yay:

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