Kanye West "Welcome To Heartbreak" - New Video

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  1. The music video for Kanye West's new single was directed by Nabil Elderkin. This video is very different by the way it was put together. The use of a blue screen enabled the creators to use colors and images to produce images of the artists body and face.

    New Video: Kanye West "Welcome To Heartbreak"

  2. kanye sux
  3. I doesn't look like Kanye spent that much on the video. I mean think about it:
    1 green screen (well in this case blue)
    1 pair of designer jeans
    1 sweatshirt from goodwill( that thing was ugly)
    1 make up artist ( but she's almost unnecessary)
    1 unknown director
    1 graphic designer with I-movie
    and 1 friend mooching off your fame.

    But it was cool. cheep and unlike Kanye, but still cool.
  4. lmfao Kingwi11, i can obviously see you know nothing about good music...

    that ***** that you claim to be mooching off kanyes fame has a name, kid cudi..
  5. ...Who?
  6. kid cudi...it says it right there where you bolded it :cool:
  7. :shrug: I guess white America hasn't heard about him. :p :D
  8. Kid Cudi is the future. He's got his own fame going on in the rap game.

    Never really liked Kanye but the new album is in regular rotation. Thanks for posting the vid.

    I'll say that the song is much better than the video though.
  9. that sweat shirt looks straight out the fresh prince of belair
  10. i gota' +rep ya... thanks for telling me about him, i can't stop listing to Day n' Nite.
  11. Hell yeah Kid Cudi's on this track. Good vid + song.
  12. I'm watching it right now,
    n I'm lovin it.
  13. a lotta people don't like Kanye's new album,
    I think it's just too different for some people n they weren't ready for it.

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