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  1. Anyone here from Kansas? More specifically in Lawrence? Private message me if you are or something and maybe want to toke sometime. Always looking for new smoking buddies.
  2. haha i used to live out there...right next to southwest middle skool =]

    i used to toke up all over in that area if u ever find a sack in like a random forest or something by the golf course...thats mine =]
  3. That is tight, what golf course?
  4. yeah dude im from overland park. and GO WILDCATS
  5. yeah man, i'm from manhattan, but i go to lawrence all the time for concerts and shit. never toked up there though
  6. Screw the Wildcats ha. Lawrence is tight though, everything is so chill in this town.
  7. yeah have you been to the creation station
  8. Of course, that is where I buy everything.
  9. Yeah, im from Overland Park

    I'm from lawrence, goin to KU, PM me.
  11. live in lawrence, attend ku.

    and just a general hell yes to creation station- just picked up a sweet new chillum there a couple weeks ago
  12. creation station is pretty sweet but kinda expensive.

    What varieties are you guys finding around town? I had some killer snowcap and some widow a couple weeks ago but just no name headies lately..but I'm not complaining
  13. I've found a lot of over priced beaster...

    But also a lot of dank ass shit like this cali bud we've been gettin lately.

    We got some sour diesel.. It was the shit and a lot of other no named headies but most of

    them are pretty good but most of the time it's over priced as well... Just gotta know who to

    go to, a lot of guys try to rip you off down here but you can get it around it.
  14. Maybe we should get a Lawrence/GrassCity smoking party. Roll some blunts or something.
  15. To you guys from Overland Park, I just moved up from Dallas. Where is a good spot to score some green? I've asked around at bars but generally get a negative response.
  16. I'm living in Lawrence going to KU. Most of what I smoke is dank kind bud. Where you guys finding these other high quality brands?
  17. there's always some real real dank headies floating around town if you ask/know the right people...lots of legit strains. Also some good hash and solid $45-50 8ths can usually be found. For the most part Lawrence is flooded with good dank but it can get expensive at times. If you can't find anything here, ask another person or two who smokes and you should be good, it's pretty prevalent.
  18. Lawrence is where it is at! I'm from Topeka but now live in lawrence, and I haven't gotten a bad batch of weed ever here, nothing but Smoking Nugs, had some AK-47 just yesterday I got from my boy.
  19. Manhattan all the way! GO WILDCATS!!!

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