Kansas City, Ks Anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by queenspades, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone hows it going?? I just moved into the Kansas City area and wanted to find some people to  chill with, being that its summer theres no school friends to hang with. 

  2. Wuddup... I'm not in kck but I'm close

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  3. Sweet!!! Just trying to find some chill people!!
  4. whats up? not in kck, bout 10 minutes south from it
  5. Sweet! I just moved to the mission area.
  6. How long have you lived near KC? Is the weed good? I hear Lawrence has better stuff then KC but that can't be true...
  7. I live by kc mo bro. I can get fire ass buds from ucm. Warrensburg or Lawrence is the place to go. College town is the key. Names dylan hit me up anytime im chill as fuck

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  8. olathe, has nothing but dank for the most part. if you want mids or k to make edibles with you have to travel to overland park or wyandotte
  9. You trying to get arrested or something?
  10. I'm brand new to KC and have now run out of my Dallas kind bud. I'm over 40 so asking around on the street is less productive than it used to be. On the upside, money is not a problem. Anyone have specific advice or location for me? I have my Tx license as evidence I am not a cop, if that helps.... Damn i miss big D.

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  11. stay away from wyandotte unless you dig schwag i don't judge haha. come to op or lawrence for medical its pricy though 60+ an eighth. olathe is where its at got fertile soil if you dig it from the right place. local growers sneak into the lake where its at the highest point for good loam soil and use that for the grows instead of premixed store bought crap.
  12. Can you be more specific in OP or can i contact you directly? I'm near OP but doubt i can score by the marked up shopping and retail which permeates the area.

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  13. Tech is touring in kcmo lucky bitch u better see him

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  14. john-nobody@hmamail.com

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  15. good luck buddy!
  16. Hello new to Kansas looking for friends and 420 can anyone help me out please I'll blaze it happy Thanksgiving

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  17. I'm in Kansas new here someone help me find bud please lol

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  18. Bump got to love kansas city lol

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  19. What's up blades and bladies?!? I'm in KC (Overland Park) area for a week and trying to find someone that wants to share some flowers...Peace and Thx!

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  20. I used to live in the KC MO area for years and honestly, it's all about who you know. You can still go out there and pay 60 an 8th or 55 but you can also find the heat for 45 in areas around Kansas City, Independence or Blue Springs. While some will get their supply from the West Coast, there are a lot of suppliers bringing it back from Colorado, too, so finding the right people isn't always as hard as it seems..just gotta make some friends and meet their friends!

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