Kanrocksas...anybody going this summer?

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    So there's this new festival in KC (Kansas City), and it's looking pretty solid. The lineup starts with eminem, the black keys, the flaming lips, kid cudi, girl talk, MUSE, Flogging Molly, Artic Monkeys, Primus, D12, and many more... Anybody else heard of this, or plan on buying tickets? It's a 2 day festival, camping is free. Located close to the Kansas Speedway.
  2. I maybe going as well.. I live in KC so it's close.
  3. 2 day tickets are sold out though i believe

  4. I think thats just the "early bird" tickets, cause they have yet to reach full price. Not for sure tho, you might be right
  5. ill be there
  6. i was thinking about this. its the same weekend as lolla tho so they have a lot of the same acts. its only 8 hours away from chicago, one less day and a little more money for what its worth but you do get camping.

    the logistics of this entire fest are horrbile, how fun is it going to be in august to be out in that heat with no shade anywhere.

    it looks like they want people to sit in the stands to watch the 2 stages. a music fest with seating is horrible. just like sumerfest in wisconsin, sitting to watch a fest show blows.

    and if they are expecting 100,000 peeps like they say they need more room for camping and parking.

    should be fun to watch this trainwreck of a fest
  7. Kansas is already boring enough, so I might as well camp and get fucked up at any excuse of a music festival :smoke:
  8. right?

  9. When is it? Cudi and Muse are def going to be good.
  10. lol, you missed it dude, it was the 5th and 6th. and yes, cudi was the shit!

  11. Nooo.. well thats depressing. :bongin:

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