Kandypens Skycloud portable vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Slim340, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Dope deal on this Skycloud...60 bucks for one of these. Tried searching the forum and did not find too much. Anyone have any experience with them? I'd be using it for strictly herb, no oils.

  2. Just typical re branded china crap that isnt worth owning.
  3. Not worth it for herbs. It's no more than an electric pipe.
  4. Ive read pretty good reviews for the dry herb usage, I would need a glass screen aswell
    am seriously thinking about it
  5. lol it is garbage and those are mostly fake reviews.
  6. Go ahead and get it if you really want to, then come back here and post up pics of your "vaped" herbs. Even with the glass screen you will still be combusting.
  7. still am doing my research, its normally 120$ but they have that one design for 60$ for this month
    wish he woulda discussed more about the herb usage (starts talking about it at 845)
  8. I purchased the sky cloud from the first email they sent out. This was the worst experience ever, they sent me a dead unit that the atomizer will not heat up for any of the 3 attachments. I sent them a email advising of how i was using the pen and how i found a video with step by step instructions on how to use it since they dont provide good instructions with the pen. They responded back with another video and told me i did not have it turned on. If they bothered to read i described how i was turning it on and had the lights showing. That would be hard to do if the pen was off. 3 emails later and after sending them a video confirming i was a retard they tell me to send it back to them and they will send me a new battery......this is after i pay shipping back to them.

    I disputed the charge, took 5$ in pennies to the postoffice and sent it back, since Brian at kandy pens is so hell bent on not having sent out a dead unit... I foggured it would be good for him to shove up his a***. They advised me they will not refund my money because of the nature of the item.. So i called chase and got my miney back, stick to the volcano
  9. Man plenty of great vapes out there with great reputations just like the volcano. It saddens me that when I tell people I vaporize these days a lot of them think im either using some crap pen like the kandy pen or I must have a volcano. It sucks that shit companies like kandy pen are even allowed to stay in business selling that crap.

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