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  1. Hello eveybody, just giving an update on my first grow. My loupe came in today and i took some pictures of the trichromes. She's 6 weeks into flower and im getting ready to flush her nutes. Please let me know how she looks and if i should let her go a little while longer. Thanks for looking.


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  2. Hi!  It's really tough to tell from those scope pics......it's much easier to tell if the thrichome heads are clear, cloudy or amber when viewed from the side, rather than from above.  Also, it's much easier under flouro lighting as the HPS makes it tough to distinguish colors.   Based on the plant pics you posted though, those plants are still nowhere near ready.....all the pistils are still white, and the calyxs and buds have yet to swell at all.  I'd say you still have another 4 weeks to go.
  3. yea thats a 9-10 week strain..looks like you have some webbing in that pic might wanna look for mites
  4. Saw that too, and forgot to mention that...good catch  :)
  5. Hey guys thanks for the replies. I took a second look at her today, no spider mites or webbing. This stringy thing in the picture was a piece of lint that had caught on the leaves. Thanks for the advice Shiva, next pic i take will be a side view with different lighting. TinTizzy, i will wait a couple of weeks before i begin to flush the nutes. 

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