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  1. This is my first time posting here, but I've been using the forums as an informative resource for a long time and thank everyone who has contributed useful information to this site. If I can, I'll try to return the favor.

    My grow is Proposition 215 compliant.

    Anywho, to the juicy stuff:

    I'm waiting for my seeds to arrive from Attitude so I can begin this grow from scratch. I ordered Kandy Kush fem. seeds, which combines two strains I'm fond of: OG Kush and Trainwreck.

    I'll be popping just 1 seed and growing the mother in a 2'x2'x3'5" box under 162w of 6500k CFL's. I don't want to spend the resources popping all my seeds and selecting the best mother. I chose a reputable strain and that's good enough for me, since it's just medicine for me.

    Once cloned, my babies will be in 9 buckets in a 8'x6'x7'9" box under 1000w.

    I'm using GH Lucas Formula with lots of other TLC ingredients, including Koolbloom, Big Bud, Hygrozyme, and Superthrive, to name a few.

    I have an 8" fan pulling air through my hood and blowing it outside, intake from outside as well.

    Because I intake from outside, I have to be careful with my temps. Pulling hot air in jets my temps. above 90.

    I'll be training the babes in a circle around the bucket lid, topping at the end. I like to top rather than fim because the babe seems to come back faster (4 stems take more resources to grow than 2, from my experience, but it's just a theory).

    Here's the 1000w box:

    And here's my cheap CFL setup. The box isn't finished, just the frame.

    Roughly estimated time until harvest: 4 months

    That's all for now, LAJFA
  2. Looks cool, ill be following.
    Why not intake from inside and exhaust outside until summer goes away? If that isn't feasible for you what do u do to fight those high temps?
  3. Nah I have to pull air from outside unfortunately. Not much I can do about the temps except soak my yard near my intake with water, and put frozen blocks of ice on top of my intake box. Temps should be better once I start cloning, but who knows.
  4. How are you gonna keep your water cool?
  5. I put reflective material on the lid, and use benes. Benes allow a higher tolerance for your water temp, about 80 degrees. Ill upload a pic of one of my buckets.
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    Cool, id be interested in seeing your buckets as I've dealt with heat issue all summer. I just started a new set of clones and hopefully my heat issues are over tomorrow
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    They're Rumplebuckets, just a little more half assed than he does it, that's for sure. They get the job done.


    They have a hole on each side of the bucket for 2 air stones. I'll rarely ever use the drains, because I just add back. Mainly just in case of an emergency flush.

    It would also help if I add reflective material to the sides, but this setup took a lot of work (all wood was cut by hand) and I'm taking a semi-break until the seeds arrive, so I might skip that. Not too worried about res temps anyway.

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  8. Seeds made it through customs. Should be here in a few days. :)
  9. Hellz yeah!
  10. Get them seeds yet?
  11. no news yet?
  12. Seeds are here, soaking the rockwool tonight. :wave:


    Sorry for the sideways pic.
  13. Nice man! When do you germ them?
  14. In the morning, I'll be soaking her in superthrive solution for a few hours before I plant her directly into the rockwool.
  15. nice! cant wait to see some green!

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