kan some one tell me ??

Discussion in 'General' started by LTJ Bukem, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. can some one tell me how many marihuana types are in this world???? if u can tell me u canb winn a free travel t o cancun with a 3 years of marihuana suplys .. no shit just kiding
  2. 3

    Cannibis Indica
    Cannibis Ruderalis
    Cannibis Sativa

  3. Never heard of that one dude.
  4. Ruderalis comes from Russia. It had very little THC in it's
    original form, but it reliably flowers at two feet tall, and has
    since been crossed with Indica, so some varieties are now
    being sold by seed companies.

    In other words, it used to be basically ditch weed, but since
    being crossed, it's now a desirable plant.

  5. If you were talking about strains, then there is A LOT. Too many to know.
  6. yea ruderalis was first brought over here because it harvested early before search helicopters would start looking for growops.

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