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  1. story = since my last grow turned out very unsuccessful for a number of reasons, i have been feening for more seeds to try again. this time ill be growing it outdoors because my mom found out that wasnt really a project for school ;). well i got one good seed from my friends bagseed, the others turned out to be immature and some were just buds. ill be growing it in a secure location(i hope) that gets good sunlight. started germinating on thursday, the 4th. as soon as some of the white root tip showed, i planted it in a 9 oz party cup with soil that had lots of sticks and rocks and stuff in it, perlite too. it was strange though when you pour just a bit of water on it, it stays floating on top like a puddle and takes a while to seep in. there is good drainage though, i poured a lot of water in the cup and it leaked from the bottom holes. after it drained, i planted the seed right below the surface of the soil with the root tip down. this was on saturday, the 6th.

    came back to check on it the next day (yesterday) but nothing sprouted yet, the roots are probably still developing since i planted it somewhat early. hopefully itll have sprouted by today, ill check on it when my friend comes home from school.

    i buried it underground so the red cup doesnt show too much, dont wanna attract unwanted attention. i know youre probably thinking it will be very visible once it starts growing because all you see is rocks around it, but trust me theres a lot of plant life in that area, ill take a picture of the surrounding area today, no worries ;)

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  2. Hey man, i guess ill follow in your footsteps, im just waiting to sex an clone mine before i stick em ouside for the warmer months. Its brave of you to start a seed from start when its outside, wouldnt have thought the germ rate would have been too high.
    Anyway im following ya thread man, keep it good man!

  3. what?? its bad germinating it outside now? omg noooo its probably dead dhit I'm so high
  4. Yeah, you should germinate it before..but GL
  5. Jeez man stop freakin out, how many seeds have you got? i would recommend leavin that one there just on the offchance but startin some more would be a good idea!I dont know for sure either but i dont think ya meant to plant the pot too. Correct me if im wrong.
  6. I got no seeds! and yea I buried the pot so the wind doesn't just knock it over, and for stealth
  7. if it hasnt sprouted by today (9th) is it safe to scrap it and see how much the roots grew
  8. hot damn that is the coolest picture ive ever seen on here
  9. i wouldnt just scrap it... Leave it a bit longer. Be patient. How many inchs did you put it in the ground, because it only needs to be half an inch.... and the seed should have a little shoot before you plant it........... Any Help?
  10. he said he put it just below the surface so im guessin shallow. it shoulda sprouted by now if it cracked before he put it in.

    gotta love that pic in his sig im from cali too
  11. sounds good, GL w. that :D
  12. did it sprout yet? lol
  13. where are you from man...usually its still pretty cold in the beginning of march...but good luck!
  14. I'd try to get a hold of some more seeds if I were you...

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