Kaliman seeds - Suicide Blonde - Mars hydro + HPS

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by RiZL, May 16, 2018.

  1. Evening blades.

    Welcome to my corner of the world.

    Will he running Kaliman seeds suicide blonde in coco, using a IWS drip and drain system with rhizo pots. Also he using a 600w hps along with 2 mars hydro reflectors!

    Nutes will be the full shogun range this run, will get the rest as I need it, but for now have everything for veg.

    I've heard loads of different things about Kaliman but thought I'd see for myself

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Been looking at a few kaliman strains that nitro express is a big plant on there site.:weed: its 1 of the breeders i aint tried

    Be good to see how you get on.
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  3. Yeah man lots of mixed reviews so i thought id try my self haha.

    I got some nitro express aswell as these. Current offer on tude.

    Hopefully I find a keeper in this first run!


    Thanks for stopping by dazzy
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  4. Nitro looks awesome,wicked name aswell tbh.
    Is that 10-11 weeks from seed, so there autos bud?
  5. Ah i see its pure haze in it.
    I grew that haze years ago and tried it in africa.
    its like drinking 3 cups of coffee havin a spliff
    B a nice(insane) cross with the exodus in
  6. subbed up bro looking sweet not tried kaliman interesring to see how they turn out.

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  7. Cheers mate can't wait to see how they turn out. Be looking for a keeper from this pack hopefully.
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  8. Got another package through today, few more seeds, including the auto comparative by the vault. Will throw 1 of each into this diary too for anyone who's interested.

    I think I'm set for beans for the foreseeable future haha.

    What would you choose?
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  9. That peyote critical has got a good write up im getting a freebie of it from the vault cant wait too try it out.
  10. Looks like all 5 Kaliman seeds have sprouted.

    Will give it till the end of the day and get some pics.

    Currently under 24h of mars hydro reflector for a few days.

    Added a bluedreamatic from the comparative which has also now sprouted.

    6 out of 6 seeds, 100% germ rate.

    Pics to follow.
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  11. Had a sort out of some stiff today. Got rid of some old canna nutes and added a t5 light in the tent for a few days then I'll switch to the leds.

    This is basically what I'm going to be using.

    Still need to get the rest of the shogun nutes.
    Also, threw a bluedreamatic in there for the comparative which has also spouted and looking healthy so will call today day 1 of veg.

    Pics of the plants to come tomorrow after work. Promise ;)

  12. Damn that amount of bottles would do my head in. I struggle keeping track of my grows as it is without having to sort that lot :)
    Biotabs ftw for me :)
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  13. Im gonna put my blue dreamamatic in soi tonigh theyve all split.
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  14. Haha yeah drives me a little bit insane sometimes mate. Might give those biotabs a go next run
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  15. As promised. Some pics of the new ladies

    4 suicide blonde and 1 bluedreamatic

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  16. Also here's my drip and drain system that I'll be using.

    20180522_104849.jpg 20180522_104829.jpg
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  17. Are you going to be running the bottled nutes through the system ?
    If so I'd recommend having another set of the small 6mm pipes. Then you can swap them out to wash them if you get any build ups. :)
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  18. Yes mate I am. I've got a spare set of small iceline pipes aswell as some liquid oxygen or hydrogen peroxide.

    I haven't worked out how to do it yet but it has a switch somewhere and removable drippers so the pipes can be hooked up to a flush line.

    I made the mistake of not having spares during my rdwc adventure and paid the price.

    I think I may get me some biotabs for the auto bluedreamatic. Just looked them up on my break and they sound the nuts. You used them long bud?
  19. My blue dreamatic seemed to crack very fast. I' say less than 24 hours, no presoak and straight into jiffy plugs. I've ran tangie from fast buds and was nice. A few friends said they tried blue dream in dam and wasn't amazing, I like to be my own judge tho.
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  20. I'm now on my 3rd run with them so about 15 plants so far mate.
    I really can't see me going back to anything else.
    Also have a decent discount code if you decide to try them :)
    @Hippy_biotabsF70 can help with any questions mate :)

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