kal penn in the white house

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by hahatuke, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Kal Penn isnt a stoner, in an interveiw with that chinese kid they said they have never smoke weed and saying acting high was a challenge, i dont believe that they have never gotten high but surely not a stoner.
  2. le poser?
  3. "The actor said he was a "cynical independent""

    I'm sure he can see the logic in doing away with drug prohibition. But really, it doesn't matter, he wont change Obama's perspective lol, I doubt anyone will.
  4. I think if obama is going to legalize, or allow MMJ federally it will not be until the last year maybe 2 of his term. It seems most presidents really listen to the people at the right end of the term to make them happy for a re-election. Obama has blantently said no and refused all logical reasoning with legalization and/or MMJ. But he seems like he will listen to the people at the end of his election.
  5. Of his second term. He wont do it first term and risk not being reelected.

  6. Damn good call, didnt think of it that way. What if he does it to get re-elected? 2 Years down the road maybe most everyone will be for legalization?

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