Kaboom And Querkle Med Grow

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  1. Its been a hot minute since I've been to this site. Looking for a little help. I have 2 mothers that I'm taking clippings off of. I cut them with sizzors then used razor blade to split the end. I used Bontone Rooting powder for em. I planted them in ff happy frog soil.One kaboom has rooted completely and and the others are looking alright. Its been 3 weeks since I cut them. TGA SUBCOOL SEEDS
    Kaboom 1371517013242.jpg
    All em 1371517135296.jpg
    Any help? I have them in my mother cab now. No humid dome. Temps 70-82 Rh- 30-65%
    Peak into flowering tent
    All querkle week 3

    Off to take a dab

  2. Congratulations to you, 3 weeks on the traditional cut and cover or 2 weeks(10 days) with a bubble bucket, of the 2 I prefer the bubble bucket: http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/444974-lets-build-clone-machine-step-step.html
    For me I get over 95% clones with a bubble bucket and is stress free and FUN too,
    It's just ESSENTIAL for todays grower has got to be able to pump clones out like McDonald's do burgers, see it as a learning skill
    like becoming a Jedi knight, you just go with the force....lol
    Next grow please be sure to cover the clear plastic beer cups, as roots don't like light

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