KaBloom hits the Shelves world wide!!

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  1. KaBloom is a concentrated nutrient additive that promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual flowers and herbs. KaBloom is designed to be used during the second half of reproductive development. KaBloom will enhance the production of essential oils and fragrance in flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs by stressing the plants.

    I have heard this stuff is the best out in a long time for flowering growth, be sure to check into your local grow store or garden store to check out further details, pricing is average comes in a lot of 1.5 pounds and costs $24.95 cdn.

    Just thought id share this info with everyone.

  2. I presume you use it ,or have used it...so how is it compared to the maxi bloom?


    heres a pic of the product,,,"kabloom" for those curious..

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  3. Ndica,

    Maxi Bloom and Maxi grow are awesome products none the less and the comparrison between both are close, Maxi bloom is alot more user friendly as when you us it there is no worry about ph decreases or increases, while with KaBloom you do need to really watch the Increase in your PH levels.

    But if you are keeping close watch on your garden both are equally as good im sure!!

    If interested in KaBloom ive got 1 lt samples to give out in the store, and if your in North America id be happy to send one out for you to try !!

    Happy Growing


    Maxi Grow and Maxi Bloom

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  4. As you may have figured,,,I use Maxi products..and I agree it is more "user friendly"....But we veteran growers don't usually have ph problems do we..lol

    But yes I most surely would like a sampler,if you can send it..I am interested always in new or better products.....let me know ,,,I'll mail/pm you a safe addy I use for such things...peace


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