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K9 Search

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FaMiLytilIdie, May 20, 2013.

  1. Is it pretty common for cops to randomly stop people and search them and bring out K9's?
    I'm wondering because I didn't have any trees in my car (maybe a little shake in the crack of a seat or something?) and I was stopped 2 additional officers called,drug dog smelled and "hit twice" so they searched suprisingly not very thorough at all like maybe a 3-5 minute search.I was patted down,again, not thoroughly at all if I had a bag in my pocket he wouldn't have felt it or seen it.All in all it just seemed like they were taking a shot in the dark trying to maybe bust a few people.Anyway to top it all off I got a warning for "left of center" even though do to road repairs it was literally impossible to go left of center because of the concrete barricades.Im paranoid do they do that often or did a snitch tip them off? Also would a dog "getting hits" off my car give them a reason (or a warrant) to search my other cars or my home?
  2. Are you black? Police love to profile black people. 
  3. yeah its pretty common, the last time i ws pulled over for a seat belt, 3 cops showed up and 1 was a k9, they did the walk around but i was clean and knew it so i wasn't worried, but its pretty common at least in my area...

    and no they can't get a warrant to search anything else off of that dog hit on your car, they wouldn't even want to mainly because the search yielded nothing, but even if they did find something on you, they'd just charge you with that and that'd be it, their not coming to your house
  4. Unless you're in a sketchy neighbourhood or look heat as fuck then you should be all good. Don't think police can search anything that is your property unless they have a warrant or probable cause.
  5. To be real, legally they can't even make you wait for a dog.
  6. Is this even legal? To me it seems like they would need probable cause to use a dog on you, i'm not sure if I am right but it sounds like if they can't search your car/you without a legal reason then they shouldn't be able to use the dog on you. But Im not sure if i'm right, i only know about being pulled over and searched.
  7. Yes It is very legal. You know all the fine print that no one like to read. When you sign for your DL the fine print says that as part of having the right to drive you allow for a warrentless searches of your car as long as the officer ressonable suspicion. I am sure op car smelled like weed even thought he may not of just smoked in it. And that is all it takes. And yes you have to wait for the dogs to come. Vehicles are one of the only exceptions where a warrentless searches are allowed. There is the opertunity for evidence to be destroyed much easier in a car and to wait for a warrent every time would be pointless.
    Do a little reading before you pop off about knowing your rights. Also always read the fine print
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    Relax man, I even said I wasn't sure if I was right, I was asking. No need to be a dick about it. I said nothing about warrants, I said I was unsure about being searched with a K9. So please don't try and say I am "popping off" about knowing my rights when I am unsure about one of them.
  9. It's fairly common if  the police profile you as a drug user. They'll use any minor traffic violation as a reason to keep you stopped.Try your best to remain calm and make sure you know your rights. Here's a great video that talks a lot about K9's and traffic stops if you want to learn more.

  10. I wasn't saying you did. It's just always the stoners on here that think they do when they have no idea.
  11. Oh, my bad man. I didn't understand. 
  12. It's all goo man. I am graduating with my masteres in criminal justice. I know a little bit about the law. I am trying to educate all the ignorant kids ( not you) on here. I know my rights. Haha. Do your really.
    You may need want to get a little more informed. Ask any high powered defense lawyer and they will tell you probable cause needs to be established and documented in the report for the police to commence a search of your vehicle unless permission is granted and a waiver of your Constitutional right protecting you against unreasonable search and seizure is signed at the time the search is going to be occurring. Otherwise the police officers intending to make a search must obtain a warrant for said search. If you continue to alert the police that you do not consent to a search and it is caught on the police cruisers dash-cam a good lawyer will subpoena the video and have charges dropped.
    Secondly, a legal search by a K-9 unit requires a warrant. However the officers may not detain you for the single purpose of obtaining a warrant and waiting for dogs based off of suspicion alone. 
    There are laws and rights to protect you and your privacy and police will try to circumvent these laws and rights if you do not know them. However they are not above the laws and the Constitutional rights we are granted as citizens of the United States of America.(if you are in the good ol' USA) 
  14. The laws may be different in your state but in NJ knowing your rights will protect you against unlawful searches of your property.
  15. and all they have to do is say "it smells like pot" or "it smells funny in here, step out" and you're gonna get searched, its your word against the cops in front of a judge, the judge goes with the cop 9 times outta 10
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    If he says it smells like pot, act offended and tell him he is obviously in a neighborhood that has problems if he is smelling pot all the way out in the road. 
    If you are smart enough to get in contact with a decent lawyer immediately upon reception of the allegations the officer is making, your lawyer will be able to tell the cop exactly what laws they are breaking by making unfounded claims of your vehicle smelling like pot. But if your car actually legitimately smells like pot, the officer will proceed accordingly. 
    If you can remain calm, collected and reasonably respectful to the officer while you rebut their claims you can provide enough wiggle room to prevent a search. 
    I was pulled over and searched by the police before I learned my rights that protect me from it. Even after the officer claimed to smell pot and I denied it, he asked me to sign a consent form for him to search my vehicle. When I refused, he lied and told me I had no choice but to sign it. My lawyer later told me I could have maintained my refusal to sign it and he would not have been allowed to search my vehicle.
    Edit:Based off of smell alone.
  17. i mean one time i was with my friend and he got pulled over for speeding. He had a previous narcotic conviction so the cops were apparently legally allowed to pat us down and sniff our car. Well I had weed on me (fortunately they didn't found it from the pat) and the dog sniffed the car out. The dog smelled the weed but didn't find anything. So I guess it's not that uncommon.
  18. @[member="Bluedynamite"] when something like this happened to me I was told that technically having a dog sniff around my car wasn't against any laws/rules.
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     Smell is probable cause in NC, so none of that will work with a cop on the side of the road with your car
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    Glad I live in NJ.
    True they can sniff around the outside of your car but only inside with a warrant if you made sure to close your door and lock it as you stepped out.

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