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K2 Summit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokindatkush, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. So my friend is taking a break from smoking to get his tolerance down and I've been smoking this shit with him lately. He convinced me it works so I said what the hell I'd try it. Holy shit that stuff gets you ripped. It doesn't last as long as weed but one bowl for 2 people gets you ripped and it's a very similar high to weed. Anybody else try this shit? Good while not smoking weed but can't replace it. Will be back at the real thing this weekend:smoking:
  2. i have tried and im wondering how it would work if mixed with weed but it seems everyone is anti k2
  3. I've heard stories that my guy friends tell me about it. Obviously it's not and can't be a replacement for marijuana, but neither can anything else you smoke! They did say that the high was very similar to weed but that it only lasted like an hour or so. I personally have never tried it because i have never had to stop smoking buds before :D

    It's always good to get opinions and experiences from other people though, just in case that day comes where i cant smoke buds for a while. I don't think it should be frowned upon because of the fact that it is a personal choice or a substitute...i mean, it's not like you would smoke on that instead of buds right?

  4. hell no i would never smoke k2 over buds, i love my dank buds, but i know im going to have to stop once i graduate from school in couple months so im looking for an alternative and it does work. But to put it in the best way possible if i had a fat blunt of some k2 and i saw a normal size j that was filled with dank i would run to the j.

    right now i just use my dank in my bong and use some k2 whenever i feel like smoking out of papers, just cuz i feel like i get the most out of some dank bud by using a bong

  5. /hug i like your logic
  6. Thanks... i should be interesting monday my t-break is over and i will be doing bong rips of some dank then smoking some k2 out of joints to to see if it will build the high, been asking arounf GC but havent gotten any answers so im gonna have to do this experiment myself

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