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Discussion in 'General' started by Toberson, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Hey city!

    I've been browsing overgrow recently and notcied when someone does something good or a good grow people put this k+ ? I know it means karma, but i was wondering if there is a system on the forum on overgrow where they have points or is it just a common posting thing over there?

    I wanted to know because i was going to post it on this forum but i wasent too sure....

  2. Overgrow uses Karma to rate other users. If someone posts good ideas, and tries to help other people, most will give good karma to that person, to let other OGers know about that user. Uh, make sense? This board doesn't use any kind of system like that, except if you want to count rating whole threads.
  3. Ah right i get ya ;).
  4. hahaha when i first read the title i thought you were gonna ask wat K+ stands for in drug terms if anyone wants to know K+ is Ketamine which is used as an animal tranquilizer but some people use it as a party drug

  5. thanks!

    .....:confused: :D

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