K what the fuck is America?

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  1. What is that thing you're really protecting when you say you protect America?
  2. when who protects america? and what do you mean by america? our image, our borders?

    wtf are you even asking dude
  3. When I talk about America, I might be talking about the people, our geographical borders, our government, our history, our economy, our culture, our geography, our flora and fauna, our industries, etc.

    But I also might be talking about our cultural significance around the world, how we differ from other defined countries, how we are similar, and how we view things from our own cultural box.

    Depends on the topic...
  4. America is a geo-political entity that consists of three over-arching governmental entities that in turn govern 48 sub-governments existing between the countries of Mexico and Canada, 2 sub-governments existing outside of the original 48, and numerous territories across the world.

    That being said, all americans need to wake the fuck up from the american dream because it's dead and you're all being scammed by the government, who, by the way, doesn't give a shit about the constitution. Our forefathers are shitting bricks in their graves.
  5. America is where people used to go to escape persecution of oppressive governments.

    Now it's where global corporations go to bid on contracts.
  6. America is the land, people, and wildlife on it, the water around and in it, and the air that surrounds it. It is merely a part of the whole known as Earth. Nothing special about it. Only reason it appears special to me is cuz I happen to live in it. I would act the same way towards and about any other place if I happened to live there.
  7. I don't think I've ever said I protected America, but I think the answer you're looking for is our national sovereignty (which is mighty hypocritical of us).
  8. The land a bunch of monkeys think belongs to them.
  9. Truth.
  10. Which America?
    North, Central, South or Canada?
    It's all America.
    I live in the United States of...
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    Nice! I like this answer!

    I was born in South...
    I now live in the United States of...
  12. truth. America is also two continents.
  13. When I was in the Navy we were told we were protecting freedom.

    I'm sure it has more to do with protecting American interests overseas.

    Then Again I'm really not sure what the hell your asking. If you could be a TAD more specific then maybe I could give you a better answer or opinion.
  14. Exactly.
    And I find it fooking hilarious that people think "America" refers to the US.

  15. I don't. Just like our kids have been indoctrinated to think the US is a "Democracy", they've been taught that we're one country, "America", and not a union of semi-sovereign states.

    It's a conspiracy, man! :smoke:
  16. It's a TARP!

    I used that line in a Kanye West thread and no one got it....
  17. Oooooh, but I am so sad penelope420 dumbo has left us high and dry in this thead...
  18. America is an idea. An idea that's been lost in legislation.

  19. dumbo? what in the hell... :laughing:

    I love this place sometimes.

    I didn't realize this was a "right or wrong" sort of thread. You're right, America can refer to Central, South, or North America. Was I supposed to come back and give you asspats for knowing your geography?

    Go to Cambodia, and say "America", their first reaction isn't going to be Guatemala or Belize. That's just one of the reasons why I think of our cultural significance.

    Go to Canada and ask them if they are "American"? :rolleyes:

    Go anywhere in the world and tell them you are an American, and people will ask you which state are you from?

    I don't mean this in any sort of jingoistic fashion... but over the years "America" has come to define the United States of America. Not only here, but around the world.

    What exactly do you take issue with?
  20. I think we should increase the security at the mexico/ texas border. Too much damm mexican brick swag is in this country. Thats the real problem

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