K, Seeds on the Way and Question bout some shit

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannibus69, May 11, 2003.

  1. Aite, my seeds are on the way (ordered from worldwideseed) and we have a spot , but is kind of a weird spot to grow it. It is in the broiler room of my friends house. I am j/wing but what can we do to take steps to

    A) Prevent A Fire, and blowing up his house

    B) Making sure no one goes in there

    C) Will 1 vent in the wall and 1 in the door be enough ventalation.

    D) how good are 2 75W Bulbs (#ofPlants)

    E) Where can I buy HPS light Bulbs other than on the internet?
  2. 1-Make sure your electrical requirments are within your available power source. ie circuit capacity. The best way to avoid a fire is to make sure your wiring is done RIGHT and your lights are secure.

    2- The 2 best ways to security, a lock and dont tell anyone, dont tell any one, and most importantly dont tell anyone.

    3-The question is not wether one hole in and out is enough, more like how big a hole in relation to the room size and the amount of air being moved in and out.

    4-If your talking about 75watt incandesant or halogen dont waste your time. You should shoot for 3000 lumens per sq ft. At the very least get yourself some flouros.

    5- Other than online any home improvement center should have MH or HPS at least up to 150watt maybe higher. If you go this route get a matched ballast, bulb, bulb socket.

    6- You say a boiler room hmmmm, dont have one so not sure about that, I guess as long as there is not any gas leaks in there and it does not get to hot,
  3. aite, thx, i think my lights should work though cuz they are designed for indoor growing and my friend used them and he said they work .

    Thx for the replay...

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