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k-pin dosage question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebeatles069, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. hey guys i was wondering how many mg my friend n i should take we r both around 6 ft approx 150. we plan on takin kpins n a lot of bud. how many kpins will i need to feel not totallllly fucked but pretty fucked off of them?
  2. every abuse xanax before? it no take 3
  3. youre not allowed to post dosage questions anymore...but it all depends on what size they are...dont take a lot theyre a lil stronger then xanax....id say take like 2 mg at the most
  4. really i found kpins to be not as strong as xanax, but longer lasting. my first 2mg of kpin i did not feel a thing but relaxed so yea start there and have more handy just in case it isn't doing it. i blacked out easily on 4mg but i remember the euphoria was very strong
  5. just dont drink. my friend totalled his car on k pins and alcohol lol.
  6. evil pills... u dont remember shit the next day, id reccomend 1-4 blown or swalloed, but my boy george ate an 8th of mushrooms blew 12 kpins and drank 10 beers and he didnt remember who he was or what the fuck was goin on for a good 3 days lol surprised hes alive actually :)

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