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K.O.G.'s 4000 watt 10 Bubble Bucket SCROG

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by K.O.G., Apr 23, 2010.

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    Hey everyone. So this is my second grow and i decided to make a journal this time.
    The clones went into the buckets on april 16th.

    Here's what i got going on:

    10x10x10 sealed room in my garage.

    100 amp sub panel for electricity.
    4- 1000 watt lamps with cool sun reflectors.
    2- 409 cfm inline fans to cool the lights.
    New 27 gal. rezervoir
    2- 265 cfm fans, one for intake, one for exaust.
    264 gph pump for Recirculating
    Air purifier with ionizer
    10,000 btu portable A/C
    35 pint Dehumidifier
    35# co2 tank w/ Hydrofarm regulator

    Sentinel chhc1
    Sentinel mdt-1
    Sentinel hph 4
    Nutra Drip Tri-Meter

    GH nutes
    Lucas grow system

    Temps.- 80-84
    R/H- 30%
    co2- 1500 ppm (during flower)

    I have to build the screens still. i plan on vegging until the screens are nice and full then i'll kick over to 12/12 and plug in the co2. This should be a good one!

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  2. one week of veg.

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  3. i'm not expert, but i'll be willing to bet that this isn't your first rodeo :devious: ;) :D

    I'll gladly take the front row seat for this one.

    good luck bro, (but i'm thinkin you probably wont need it) :wave:
  4. Looks too good!:hello: What is the strain? I cant wait to see how you are going to screen such a large and spread out space. I'm subscribed.
  5. No, it's my second rodeo. lol thanks.
  6. Two different strains. one is silver haze (i think) or trainwreck, the other is skunk.
    i got a plan for the screen. you'll just have to wait and see. lol
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    Hmmm .... interesting set up. I have the perfect screens (2' x 8') for that set up.
    I will follow along for sure. I'm the one in the chair by the bong. :wave:
  8. Great looking setup man! I love the bubble buckets and ScrOG! I will be around for this one. Good Luck,
    Dr. T
  9. Nice dude, I like how easy it is to upgrade with these bubble buckets. Can I ask the purpose of your screen? Just because if I had 4k on 10 plants I'd want them spaced out and grown like trees. Your yield will be huge either way and it seems your looking to veg for quite some time. But if you have to time to deal with a big ass screen, more power to ya! I will definitely pull up a chair for this one :smoking:
  10. I like the layout, clean and efficient... Can't wait to see.
  11. last time i let em grow wild i only had room for 4 plants. they get so fucking huge in the bb's if you let em! i had no room to work in my room. now they are set up in a horse shoe shape so when i put the screens over them (30 in. x 30 in.) i will still be able to work. i plan on vegging for 40 days. thanks man.
  12. here's some pics. of 14 days vegging, my new A/C, and the light proof mounting of the exaust.
    So far i've topped em twice and i'm going to start lst in a week or so. I'll post some pics of em all tied down.

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  13. Nice! I got the setup idea from the same dude. I just added hose clamps on each junction to avoid any leaking :) check it out below if you get a chance. Peace
  14. thanks man. i use an inline pump and re-circulate each bucket individually. it's kind of a pain. i wanted to do a recirculating system but wasn't sure how to build it. now i do. thanks for the link. +rep man. thanks again.
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    i got the screens up today! they are 30 in. x 30 in. with 2x2 squares. i put them 15 inches above the top of the buckets. i also got a 264 gph pump in my float bucket and built a re-circulating dwc system. thanks again snowboardb! It's fucking on now!

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  16. Looking great man! About time to switch to flower?
  17. Thanks Dr. I plan on switching over in another week or two. i just lst'd em yesterday. i want the screens to be FULL!
  18. by the looks of it, not even close but patience will be key on this one, either a long veg time ahead to fill those screens under all that light which would be an awesome site... or chop down the legs on those frames and bring the screen down or raise the buckets. KOG no prob man, i'd hate to see you manually recirc'n once they girls start drinkin a gallon a day n mid flower:smoking:
  19. Yeah a lot of strains have different times needed for these systems when it comes to veg. When I did lavender, I would switch when they are about that size and the growth after switching would easily fill up the screen. Now, with OG Kush, I have to flip it when they are still pretty small because they grow a shitload after flipping the lights (which is nice because it cuts a couple weeks of my entire timeframe) :)

    Looking forward to seeing yours turn into a lovely jungle!

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