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K im a noob to this, help with buying VAPE PEN?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rkoegler230, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. considering buying myself and a friend a vape pen, any recommendations as far as brand and style? ive been looking here[NonBrand]_[Activators]_Atmos_-_%28BMM%29&utm_campaign=Vaporizers&tomo_utm_mapping=1&nui_code=WAJC5PO2J&special=google_%2Bvaporizers
    says regular $300, on sale for $75, heard atmos raw is the best so i wanna try it. what do you think?
    ps i know it says in the ad that it comes with an extra oil cartridge but i am wondering will this work then with any essential oils and/or wax?

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    I don't know anything about that particular vape, but isn't ATMOS a thing from Doctor Who?

    Happy toking!

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  3. Theres like 3 or less vape pens on the market that actually vaporize, the rest combust and give you smoke just like a joint rather than vapor. One i know of is the T vape, which is around $170. You get what you pay for with vapes.

    go here
  4. the pen you mentioned even says it "smokes". Not a vape.
  5. I recently (exactly one week ago) bought a Dabbler Vape pen from the Vapor Brothers. Shit is incredible! My local headshop had it at $80, but it goes for $99 from the main site...... Saves me so much time vaping with a pen than it does doing bong hits with herbskies. Push button down for like 3-5 seconds and inhale that shit!
    It was actually rated numbah 1 for vape pens.. Only concentrates tho. What I really like about it is the customer support they have. Incredibly helpful and quick responses too, as well as a dope ass product.
    Good luck with your purchase journey 
  6. I've never seen the atmos raw for anywhere near 300. When I first heard of it it was priced around 80 and was up until the past few months. I'm not sure what the add ons are worth but I highly doubt it amounts anywhere near 300. It does not vape although high times claimed it does in a past issue (One reason I'm against high times). If you want to pay 75 for an electric pipe then go ahead. The only vape pen I've heard of actually working is the T-Vape.
  7. IMO any kind of vaporizer under $120 is a waste of money. You literally get what you pay for with vapes. The best cheapest one I would suggest is the magic flight launch box.
    But for quality I only recommend the Volcano, Arizer products, Pax by Ploom or the Firefly.
  8. Best portable vape is the new DaVinci ascent IMO for herbs at least (havent tried the concentrates yet). Definatly beats the solo in all aspects, Ive tried both. And pax really isnt that great, just a sleek design really(from what ive heard from people who have it).
    for the price, Magic box is good once youve gotten past the learning curve, takes a while to get it right, then its alright, Wouldnt waste 100$ on it rather go high end and get my moneys worth like DaVinci Ascent.
    Volcano just released a new handheld vape as well but starts at 400 for crafty (base model) and 470 for high end models, but honestly ascent looks better haha
  9. My vape pen went up in flames.... I was in the office, I think I might'a sat on it or hit it or something because it heated itself up and burnt up the coil (as well as my stash)... The battery is working perfectly, but I think the coil is def shot. I emailed Dabbler Bros and am waiting for their response.
  10. i have no idea what to offer for advice, I'm old school and 100% happy with smoking out of pipes, bongs, & blunts. just came to read comments cuz I'm curious too, friend. namaste!
  11. I emailed Vaporbrothers and got nothing from them, I emailed VaporBrothers Warehouse and they were super helpful (The warehouse is the ones who actually do the  selling, shipping and customer support. Let that be a lesson if anyone decides to do the same thing)
    The dude who helped me was AJ and he knows how to keep stoners happy. Sold me a new battery for a very fair price. Will reupdate when my part comes in and when I'm blahzayed.... They have really good customer service. I emailed them once about a question and I got a response less than an hour from posting.

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