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  1. You also need to consider your lighting for the right amount of (nutes)EC.
    Lower watt lights like cfl's should have less(nutes)EC. More N could lead to a salt build up and weak stems, as the roots can only absorb so much nutes with optimal conditions. Again we have to go by how the plant looks to determine that...

    The kiss method was meant to be simple. When we have to supplement with anything other than MaxiBloom we deafeat the purpose, so I'm not completely sold on the MaxiBloom version as the way to go, but would be nice to find a one for all schedule.

    If we were growing just one strain and got to know the plants traits then we could hone in on what the needs are for a good grow with the MaxiBloom method...

  2. Absolutely. Low light conditions won't allow pushing too much food the way the larger HID bulbs will. In the end it's all about reading your plants. Keeping track of the EC provides a nice baseline and keeping records of it will allow you to dial in to strains you've grown in the past quicker, but as we've seen they don't all like the same concentrations.

    The issue with the Canna "specific" marketed products is that many of them aren't meant to be balanced. In many cases it seems a ploy to prod people into buying a suitcase full of bottles of various ratios for the sake of sales. As i began my research i came across H3ad's "lucas" ratio and went with that as i've seen many successes both here and on other forums; i'm happy with it, but am always interested in better/simpler ways of growing a quality product. I recently found a site which revolves around the KISS method and getting away from the Canna specific products. Plain old balanced plant food that has reaped some incredible results.

    If you are interested in following along with some of these people PM me and i'll give you a link. You'll have to sign up just to view the forum but it's well worth the two minutes it takes to register. The methods that are prevalent there may not be what the "cool" kids are practicing... many of the ideas in fact go against a lot of the things spoken of as gospel on the MJ forums but are based on science and backed with results. They are the reason i will be crossing over into a more simple direct approach and have already helped my garden in the short time i've been there.
  3. To get back on topic, CNS17 would be another great option to KISS. with coco we'll probably always need to have a little epsom or calmg on hand, but this one seems like it could take you start to finish without much hassle.

    if i didn't have plans for trying out Jack's or DynaGro next i'd be all over it... if only i had more space i'd be trying all of these at once... haha.
  4. To tell the truth there's more fertilizer companies than their are strains of MJ and just too short a time to try em all....;)

    Been using the cns17 with good results and it's about as simple as you can get for a 1 part fert....
  5. good thread boys, lots of good info
    Thanks all
  6. I know this thread is old, but could anyone tell me how much liquid/dry koolbloom to add during the beginning/end of flowering? I use the K.I.S.S. formula with 7gs dry MaxiBloom and 3-5mls of CalMag+ but I was wondering if I could add some KoolBloom to the mix to help ripen those buds up. Hopefully someone will look at this !:smoke: Thanks in advance if you do..
  7. When I ran Lucas with micro/bloom, I would use 2-4 ml/gal. I know its not maxibloom but its very similar in profile.
  8. Use what GH recommends on their label. The liquid is used in the first part of flowering and the dry the last 3 weeks before harvest.....
  9. When all else fails follow directions, lol. The directions are your friend and Floranova will give give you great looking plants & bud.
    I'm on my second full run with Floranova Grow/Bloom, Protekt, Floralicious Plus, Liquid & Dry Koolbloom & now I only have problems when something doesn't work like my PH meter.
    My plants yellowed while I worked it out with Oaktron & Amazon, finally got a new one & now I can Ph.
  10. Hey badbruce, you ever have any cal/mag issues with your feeding agenda?
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    Did a side by side run.. table 1-maxibloom, protekt..Table2 maxi, protekt, LKB, FLP, DryKB..
    Conclusion:All thing beings equal, save the $, and read the plants, b/c the additives/supplements may or may not help..Dial in your environment, give them the essentials plants need and with the right strains you'll be good ..
    IOW, for me Maxibloom worked great all by itself..But hey, it's your money!..
    Good luck!..
  12. Cool thanks for all the replies.. the only reason I wanted to add another supplement to the mix was because last time my buds seemed to just stop ripening up at the end of flower. I let them go for about 2 weeks longer than recommended on Attitude, and the trichs barely changed color and the buds didn't completely swell up. However, now that you guys say that you've gotten similar results using just MaxiBloom, I think that my problem stems from me not having an HPS in there. I use all CFLS because I cannot vent directly outside or into a separate room and I'm afraid it will get too hot on a hot day. I could still probably put a 250w cooltube in there but I just don't have the money to try that out right now. Thanks for the advice once again :smoke:
  13. Those breeder comments on finishing times are a little off. Don't think I ever had a plant that finished with a lot of amber trics according to their jive...
    80% cloudy with a amber tric here and there is good enough for me.

    What cheecha says about having your grow optimal is the best advice you will ever hear...;)
    The bloom boosters are just an added bonus if everything goes optimal....I'm kinda set on using them as part of my arsenal weather they work or, not.
    For the money I spend on them I definitely have myself convinced they work amazing wonders...:smoke:
  14. Been wondering about the lucas maxibloom. How do you use it from start to finish? just 7g / gallon and thats it? What about the 0-8-16 with the liquid lucas ratio?
    What was did you end up getting for a 1k lamp?
  15. Same, was curious as well.
  16. Awesome! Post: I am very curious about this method of feeding. I started out like 25yrs ago with GH Micro, Grow & Bloom and being a life long Hightimes supporter I started see all the hype about AN products. So always searching for the best products I started buying An. It seemed off the chain for years until they started messing with the chemistry trying to make it P.H Perfect. I started having the worse deficiencies that I could not seem to get rid of not to mention as a small closet grower it was not very economical. Long story short I went back to GH - M.G.B looking for a cheaper product. Know I keep reading and hearing about the MaxiBloom formula.

    Does any of my fellow growers have a complete regime from start to finish. Seedlings to Harvests??????

  17. From start to finish I use GH MaxiBloom. I start at 1/8 strength for seedlings and increase as the plant grows. Sometimes it's not even necessary to use full strength - in my current grow I have only used 3/4 strength and the plants are very happy.
  18. Y'all ever run just maxibloom outdoor ?
  19. jacks 15-22-26 two parts. (jacks and calcinit)

    simple. complete. and best of all CHEAP

    when you are 4 weeks into harvest, stop using the calcinit. no need for any other additives

    (though I add a root enhancer , floralicious plus and silica throughout bth4 )

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