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    So, this weekend was really shitty, so I decided a K-hole was in order. It took me four decent-sized bumps of probably 40-50mg each. For reference, I weigh 150 pounds.

    Well, it began as it always does, slight feelings of disconnectivity between my brain and body, a bit of a numb sensation, and slight tingles all over my body. After the third bump, I was feeling pretty good... Finally, after the fourth bump, I lobbed my bag onto my couch and grabbed a pillow. This was the position I stayed in the whole time; lying on my bed, facing my laptop which had the Electric Sheep screensaver playing. Music must've been playing, but I don't remember listening to it. I was cuddling a pillow, and my phone was behind me.

    My mind kicked into high-gear. I was thinkin', recollectin', and introspectin' on all of the things that happened over the weekend. I realized nothing that happened was all that bad, and I would have to make the best of whatever happened. It was odd; I felt like, I don't know.. The 'manager' of my life. Like, my body was composed of all the workers, and my brain/spirit (the 'real' me) was the entity that told them all what to do, and where to go to maximize productivity and positive outcome of my life. My life turned into Sim MrElectricOcean! Anyway, more fun came when I finally decided to move (I wanna say 20-30 minutes later) and I realized I could only feel my body when it was moving. When I stopped, everything I was touching no longer existed.

    I had obtained Perfect Comfort.

    My 'world' would start to spin and shift. I was no longer on my bed, I was flying through... Something. Reality itself? Probably. All I know is, I absolutely loved it. I felt like all of my inhibitions, any negative feeling preventing me from doing the things in life that I wanted to no linger existed and I had the capability of doing anything I wanted (which, of course is true) as long as I had the motivation and ability to. This point is now kinda blurry to me, but I remember thinking something about how everything in my space was very pixelated.

    Eventually, I heard my phone's "Ey, you got a text!" noise, and I reached behind me to grab it. My eyes had two different focal points, and my fingers did NOT want to behave. After about another half-hour, I felt pretty normal again, albeit INCREDIBLY awake. I smoked a nice big bowl, posted here a bit (I don't remember what I posted though >_>... I THINK I posted... I'll have to check my recent posts.) and passed the hell out listening to some Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

    When I woke up this morning, I felt incredibly rested (As I should; I slept 'till 12:30!) but my nose was bleeding a little. I know I need to not make a habit of Meow, but I love it sooo very much~

    That's all I've got for now. I just felt like writing about my experience a bit so people who haven't K-holed could get some insight of how out-of-this-world the experience is. Definitely something to try once in yer lifetime, if you're into drugs (and this is Pandora's freaking Box, so I know 99% of you are~)

    Edit: Who doesn't like pictures? Top baggy is crushed, bottom is still in crystals. It makes me a little sad this is all I have left of the gram I had Thursday. My friends have noses like vacuums. >o<

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  2. kool story, id like to try it someday...
  3. sounds fun, never heard of anybody having K around here tho...i gotta try it sumtime
  4. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, if at all possible. Small bumps are fun too; they make you feel somewhat like you're tipsy, but without as much of a loss of coordination. It's allegedly not /horrible/ for your body, either, but I wouldn't made a huge habit of it; studies show over time, heavy use can cause issues with your urinary... system... thingy.

    It's definitely something to invest in if you come across, though~
  5. i just experienced my first k-hole about a month ago.
    mine wasn't as reassuring and progressive as yours was, though.
  6. Care to detail what happened in yours? If you recall much of it, that is.
  7. I do love that state but i find it volatile as well if you get me. I got some pure, pure K a few months ago and railed a massive line straight up, me being the cocky bastard i sometimes am, and i was holed for the whole night. It was like an amazing feeling while i had my eyes shut, but when someone awoke me i instantly felt like throwing up cos my vision was spinning so goddam much. Good shit tho i love ket :D

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