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    Using half strength flora trio + entire lineup of their products.
    My ppm runoff is only 275

    It looks to be a Potassium deficiency. But im no pro. I have some liquid KoolBloom which is 0-10-10. I've been using half strength. If it is a K deficiency. Should I up it to full strength to fix the K deficiency?

    Screenshot_20190828-193457_Gmail.jpg 20190828_130012.jpg 20190828_122231.jpg
  2. Dude general hydroponics sucks its not for weed get some better nutes formulated for cannabis.
  3. And have some patience people on here have real lives to tend to you couldnt wait more than 8hrs for a reply? Trial and error my friend thats how you learn
  4. I am busier than most on here. This is one of the biggest weed forums in the world. I dont need trial and error, I need someone with experience to chime in, and let me know what's up so I can save my crop
  5. Lol you are also more arrogant than most on here.
  6. Good luck with your grow
  7. Arrogant? You got that from 1 post asking for help with a deficiency? Rigggghtt. If you dont have an answer to my question just move along you're not needed here
  8. No i got that from your assumption that someone should help you as soon as you snap your fingers. After all you are the busiest person on Grasscity. You dont need trial and error to learn how to grow? Okay cool so Ill just grow your crop for you? You want me to come over and mix your nutes too? You have two options here with your plant. You can flush it and try again fresh with nutes or you can just start feeding more. Why dont you try one and see which one works. Trial and error.

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