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k-9 Searchs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AIIi, May 9, 2011.

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    Are u allowed to watch the k9 unit search around outside of ur car? actually follow him everywhere.

    And are u allowed to record the search for evidence?

    EDIT: i heard that if u smell like bud, its not a cause to be searched, i heard this from judges
    and also, i heard that officers can trick u by making their dogs excited to give them an action to
    actually think theirs bud in the car.

    Is this true?

    and can u get in trouble for having a grinder on u?>
  2. id imagine record it , but not follow him .
  3. Can undercover cops say specific names like bud? strains?

    I heard they only can say marijuana/narcotics
  4. Why are you asking all of these questions? Are you planning on moving a large amount of cannabis? Possibly a drug cartel?

    lmao, sounds sketchy as hell. you have rights, but if cops think you're hidin weed they'll search.
  5. Who wouldnt want to kno the answers to these questions to save their asses in the future?
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    Dont try to follow him around that will just make you look nervous. If the dogs gonna find it, hes gonna find it with or without you following. The trick is not even getting to the point where the dog is on scene, or out of the car. Heres what you do.
    1. Officer gets behind you and is checkin you out, BE CALM its no big deal.
    2. Never go the exact speed limit when hes there. Always go 3-5 Mph OVER the limit. Yes Over.
    3. Dont use turn signals to early or drive to perfect as if to say ( "Look how good I am officer!") # 2&3 are there because it just looks like you really dont want to be stopped.
    4. If he does initiate the stop anyway, pull over ASAP IN A SAFE PLACE AWAY FROM TRAFFIC IF POSSIBLE QUICKLY using Hazard lights or turn signal.
    5. Turn on your interior (ceiling) light ASAP and put your hands on the steering wheel (this way he can see them and theres no question that you arent getting a weapon or are hiding Marijuana.) Do not start looking for paperwork you think he may want.
    6. Only when he asks at your window do you remove your hands from the wheel and get your paperwork. When doing so, breathe easy, stay calm, many people shake in this situation. The easy breathing is for this, Its no big deal. When he starts to walk back to his car with your info he will say "hold on im going to check your info" or whatever he says. You then reply, OK, Thank you. Calmly.
    7. Just be POLITE, dont be over talkitive, but dont be oddly quite.
    8. If he askes to search say "I'd rather you didnt". If he repeats the question, you repeat the answer. CALMLY AND POLITEY!

    Follow this and you should be free to go, assuming your paperwork is all valid. Hope this helps. Dont be afraid to try it next time, youll be surprised.

    (# 2 & 3 should prevent you from being stopped by a following officer, if not use 4-8)
  7. I always stay calm around officers, im just want to kno the answers to my questions.
  8. Ok then in "short"

    Yes you can be charged for the grinder, if it was tested it would have thc all over it, plus its drug para.

    They CAN search for the smell of marijuana,

    If your allowed to use a camera by law, then ya you can record with it. Its just if the officer lets you reach for the camera or not. If you ask to record it it will go smoother.

    Following the dog is not going to change anything, its like asking if you can do jumping jacks while the dog searches. Soo...

    Finally human officers and K-9 officers have very close relationships, and you never know what the cop is telling the K-9 or what the K-9 is telling the cop.

    There problem solved, The Q's have been A'd. How bout it.
  9. Thank you for answering, but if u smell like bud, is that a probable cause to search
    the person, or their car?


    Can undercover cops say specific names like bud? strains?

    I heard they only can say marijuana/narcotics

  10. the smell of bud is pretty unmistakable. even if you can't smell it, someone who hasn't been smoking will catch the smell immediately. It'll tip him off to search the car.

    but you can deny a search. and...yeah...a grinder is illegal, assuming u have used it at least once
  11. I see a lot of bad advice here.

    First, it depends on your state laws whether or not you can be searched for the scent of cannabis. Check your local laws; I know in FL you can be searched based off smell.

    Second, never consent to a search ever. Even if the officer says he smells cannabis and is going to search you and your vehicle, still say "I do not consent to a search." Why? Because if he finds other things not related to cannabis that are illegal then you just agreed to a search anyway.

    Third, if an officer pulls you over and threatens to bring the K-9 unit then that is on him/her to do. Do not agree to it and time how long you have been pulled over. There is legal precedent to when the officer has to let you go on your way (I believe it is around 15-20 minutes) from being pulled over. They are not legally allowed to keep you any longer if you wish to leave. Always ask "am I free to go," "am I being detained," and "what am I being detained for."
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    9 times out of 10 your going to be searched for the scent.
    9 times out of 10 if the officer smells weed, its probable cause to search and he matter how many times you "dont consent".
    If theres nothing illegal in the car you might as well let him search, chip his pride a little.
    If there is something illegal, (doest matter if its weed or "other things not related to cannabis that are illegal") tell him that youd rather he didnt search. If he repeats the question, repeat your answer.

    As for him saying "buds" & strain names, it is rather unprofessional for law enforcement but im sure he can say these things. However he cant charge you for "possession of buds" or "Possession of O.G. kush" He would have to use proper termanology or terms familiar with the court.
  13. #13 thaSPACEkadet, May 10, 2011
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    I'm not a lawyer but your second question sounds like it would fall in with the myth that undercover cops HAVE to admit they are a cop if you ask. There is a 1000 different names for every kind of drug and your are just plain naive if you think they dont try to use slang.
  14. # 2 and 3 are stupid, obey all traffic laws and you wont be stopped
  15. agreed^ , dont go over the speed limit, go the speed limit or a few MPH under it, and all i gotta add is in MA the smell of weed is not enough for an officer to ask you to get out of the car.
  16. Great opinion and input, anyone else have a stradegy on techniques for being followed??

  17. Just drive like a normal person :confused:
  18. No, smell is NOT, I repeat NOT probable cause. and IDK about what they can say, I'm sure they don't just say marijuana when their out in the field. It's like high school kids and the no cursing rules. Nobody gives a fuck when they're walking through the school, just not in front of the officials.
  19. Lol. What the fuck are yall talking about?..let me tell you this by experience. You CANT follow the dog around...matter of fact the motherfucker will bite you if you move to much. But you'll most likely be hand cuffed if they are going to those extents, meaning no you can't record it also.
  20. Drive Normal. If you drive normally they have no cause to stop you. They can't pull you over for "suspicious driving" just because you stop 2 seconds longer than normal, drive exactly 45, and turn on your signal 5 seconds earlier than you turn. For all they know you could be ole grandma, following the laws to the best of her ability. On the contrary, if they are a dick, they CAN pull you over for driving slightly over the limit, ect.

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