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JWH-018 (united states)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Indicaa, May 13, 2010.

  1. I am looking to try JWH-018 as a substitute for recreational marijuana since I am starting a job that is a real stickler about drug test's.

    Can anyone give me there experiences when smoking/vaporising JWH-018 and where to buy some legit chem?

  2. Read through this Thread first, thanks.
  3. I did read though it, however I was wondering if anyone had some first hand experince with buying it, and if so who did they go though I am looking at...
    JWH-018 in the USA

  4. i was just gonna post that:cool:
  5. I hate to see anyone feel like they would be "safer" smoking some random untested lab chemicals than sticking to the good ol' herb--a completely natural PLANT. Some things are more important than the stupid social repercussions that getting caught smoking a plant may your health.

    Please don't lower yourself to that kind of thinking. :)
  6. I won't help you give yourself cancer, if anyone else wants to post a link they can feel free to do. In reality though, I think you're making a stupid decision, no disrespect intended.
  7. This.

    Don't do it. Read the link he gave thoroughly and I guarantee you'll never want to touch that stuff. And if you do still want to, then I don't think there's much more we can show you to attempt to convince you otherwise.
  8. heres what i know about Jdub.

    you get fucked! off of the tinyest ammount
    they come in pill capsules that you break open and smoke the pouder stuff, dont smoke the whole pill (OD not fun!) only smoke a very little ammount of it, you have to bulid up a toloreance, trust me you still get ripped.

    you have to smoke it out of tin foil, and it reminds me of crack or something

    i used to do it in the bathrooms at school with my buddy because like you said it is odarless and its vapor.
    its addictive.

    if you can i would stay organic but do whatever
  9. I don't know. The whole story of the kid going "brain dead" was a bit silly. I find it hard to fall for such accusations.

    Does anyone know if you can paypal money to a debit card/bank card if it is registered under your paypal?
  10. This shit is extremely bad, unsafe, and unhealthy, and hopefully taken off the market right away.

    Don't buy it, and don't smoke/consume it. Also i hear rumors it causes cancer (but everything does these days).

    Just stay away. Stick to the herb. if you can't smoke weed for a while, take a t-break and youll just be much happier when you come back to it.
  11. Ya man, that stuff is bad news. I was never a fan of it although I had to use it because of drug testing. It is actually pretty expensive, tastes weird, is harsh on the lungs and the high hardly lasts an hour. I'd almost prefer not getting high than use that stuff again.
  12. Alright guys you have convinced me, and thanks for being understanding/chill about it all. A lot of boards are belligerent and down right mean when asking questions.

    Looks like I will buy $50 worth of dank, about 2g-2.5g worth and smoke it all up with the lady, then quit for a while.

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