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JWH-018 and Cannabis, Yin without the Yang

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mnemonicsmoke, Apr 23, 2010.

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    It definitely works...

    but...does anyone else feel uneasy with it?

    I'm thinking this is just my bias, and there is no logical reason to feel this way. I'm thinking this is just my reaction (fear) to something I know very little about (synthetic compound)

    and even though I got high as fuck

    but i mean, i'll get stoned (from cannabis) and i'll just get quiet and feel very calm (like i shut down a lot of the everyday distractions, like i'm just noticing whats in front of me) just kinda hear in the moment and maybe because this was my first time but the JHW018 or w/e it wasn't that calm, It felt like it wouldn't leggo my eggo .Like, i know cannabis is different for everyone, but when I smoke cannabis I try to loosen up my attachments with my ego and cannabis can be helpful in that regard

    this JHW018 just felt like it evoked my ego to cling on (fear, anxiety)

    I guess where i'm going with this is. Is the fear irrational? I just figure cannabis has been cultivated and consumed for thousands of years (we're pretty sure about its safety)

    then we suddenly create a compound 5 times more potent

    Did we outsmart nature and improve upon our artificial selection?
    Or people just foolin themselves with this?

    I did some research, from what I read in half an hour, JWH-018 has been described as a more of a "sativa high" (and I would agree, based on my experience)

    and sativa highs are produced when there is high content of THC low content of Cannabidiol

    Interesting thought, cannabidiol improves (lessens) psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia and has antridepressent, anxiolytic (helps with anxiety), and neuroprotective effects

    So maybe the reason I"m not diggin this JWH-018 is because it feels unbalanced
    its like yin without the yang
    You got the THC analogue, but where's the cannabidiol analogue?

    I must say, I did try it more than once, and once I got over my initial reaction, I had a good time, it was fun....but I could see people prone to things like paranoia, having these effects amplified with JWH..

    I suppose what i'm concluding is, it can probably be a great tool for introspection, but you've got to be aware of what you're dealing with
    When I first smoked, I must say I wasn't expecting it to be so intense, I feel like if I had been aware of the possible effects, I may have found a better setting and done it with a better mindset (I did do so eventually)
    I'm not saying I had a bad trip or anything like that, in all honesty it was pretty cool, but something definitely felt off (different from the cannabis experience)

    I feel like this little difference, this butterfly flapping, might cause a hurricane here or there some time down the road.

    So I don't know...What do you guys think? Could this get dangerous? You might get people having bad trips and attracting a lot of bad attention to the compound which would only lead to more bad attention to cannabis

    or might it prove to be dangerous to the body?

    Or maybe it will actually be excellent and help people discover things about themselves through the psychedelic experience or have huge benefits for patients with AIDS or cancer

    I don't know..

    yet I speak so much :confused::confused::confused:

    Watcha guys think?
  2. I've tried this as well and i felt exactly what you're talking about. I felt uneasy because i truly dont know what im smoking. But yea its def not a weed high, its a different high. When i was out in the sun i felt all the colors outside very bright it was awesome and yea i was fuckinnn highhh.
  3. I went through a period were I smoked nothing but JWH-018 blends because of drug testing, and I had the exact same reactions as you. I was confused at first as to why I kept getting paranoid off it, after all it is legal and there is nothing to worry about! But it's just different from weed and to me it was very evident how it was not natural. It just feels very synthetic. The paranoia was there no matter what, no mindset could change it and that usually brought down the high. I did however have this one experience that I remember having where I smoked way more than I probably should have and watched a movie, and that was probably the single best movie experience I've ever had. I also felt like I gained a ton of insights on the stuff, but no more than any sativa bud would give.
  4. It comforts me to read these, especially Anaru's and Mnemonicsmoke's, because I have had a similar experiences.
    Yin without the Yang may be an accurate measure of it's "off"-ness. One thing is for certain, it should not be consider'd, nor treated the same as mj. It is simply quite different and I look forward to what we make of it in the future, or the overall effects of it.
  5. I hear kansas, missouri and soon alabama are banning the substance...

    um I have the sudden urge to rephrase it in WOWspeek

    JWH is imbalanced and is getting the nerf bat at the same time that the devs in california are introducing test realms for cannabis expansion

    yeah, ok

    I probably deserve some negative rep for that
    hehe :p

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