Justin Trudeau 'well...maybe all those migrants weren't such a good idea...'

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  1. even trudeau doesn't want illegals...he is now talking about enforcing their immigration laws on the book. Wheres the outrage? He's obviously racist, misogynistic, hedonistic, hypochondriac, xenophobic, nazi fucking asshole!!

    Justin Trudeau tones down warm welcome for migrants as Canada struggles to cope with influx

    Justin Trudeau has sought to tone down the warm welcome he promised to migrants, after arrivals at the Canadian border hit 250 a day, leaving immigration officials struggling to cope with the influx.
    The Canadian prime minister tweeted shortly after President Donald Trump announced the halt of the US refugee programme that Canada would still be a haven.

    “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada,” he said.
    But since the start of the year more than 11,300 people have crossed into Canada by foot from the US, with the surge due in large part to fears about Mr Trump’s immigration policy.

    Canada is on track to record the most refugee claims in a decade.

    The majority – around 85 per cent, according to Canadian officials – are from Haiti. In May Mr Trump floated the idea of rescinding a long-standing agreement to allow Haitians to remain in the country, meaning that a possible 58,000 Haitians could be deported in 2018.

    “For someone to successfully seek asylum it’s not about economic migration,” said Mr Trudeau, in an attempt to make economic migrants reconsider.

    “It’s about vulnerability, exposure to torture or death, or being stateless people. If they are seeking asylum we’ll evaluate them on the basis of what it is to be a refugee or asylum seeker.”

    More than 6,000 people have skirted border checkpoints to enter Canada since the start of July.

    Overwhelmed by these numbers, the government has increased patrols along the border and added immigration staff to process claims. Montreal’s Olympic stadium has been turned into a temporary welcome center, and the military has been deployed to set up a 500-person camp on the border.

    “You will not be at an advantage if you choose to enter Canada irregularly,” said Mr Trudeau.

    You must follow the rules, and there are many.”

    Critics have accused Mr Trudeau of encouraging would-be refugees to come to Canada without thinking through the consequences.

    Michelle Rempel, a politician from the opposition Conservative Party, said it was "completely ridiculous that the Prime Minister of Canada would tout a tent city" to deal with the influx as winter approached.

  2. The majority of skilled EU workers at the largest UK companies say they are likely to leave the country before Brexit even happens, exacerbating fears of a severe brain drain.

    A survey of EU nationals employed at FTSE 250 companies showed that 56 per cent said they were “highly likely” or “quite likely” to leave the UK before the conclusion of the Brexit talks.

    Healthcare will be the hardest hit, with 84 per cent of employees in the sector saying they would leave. Technology, media, telecoms and financial services will also see big losses of talent, according to the survey.


    Cameron urges May to abandon her hard Brexit stance

    The survey found 42 per cent of skilled EU workers had already taken action to change their immigration status since last year’s Brexit vote. A further 40 per cent confirmed they intended to do so in future.

    Law firm Baker McKenzie surveyed 250 EU citizens educated at degree level or higher.

    The findings of the survey will pile further pressure on Theresa May to soften her stance on immigration in order to ensure UK firms have access to skilled workers.

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    Ms May had initially stuck to a rigid line of decreasing net migration to the tens of thousands from the hundreds of thousands.

    Stephen Ratcliffe, employment partner at Baker McKenzie, warned companies could face a “significant skills shortage” in the near future and said the situation could worsen if there were any delays to the Brexit talks.
  3. thats so backwards!! haha. Insanity, no doubt about. Further soften her stance on immigration? Did they happen to ask the people why they were leaving? Probably due to their country being overrun right now. And the terror attacks. As much as people like to use stats to attempt to minimize the impact of terror events, you can't say it doesn't have anything to do with that either.
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  5. Trudeau's got it wrong - carefully screen the Haitians that are fleeing from Trump's America and if they pass, they are welcome to stay and contribute to the Canadian mosaic.
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  6. Maybe Canada should build a wall and make America pay for it.
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  7. From what I took from the article that's what he wants. It specifically said people flooding in on foot bypassing check points and just sneaking in. That shit ain't a great way to run a country if you also have a socialist welfare state. Just ask Europe. If they want to come like you say I'm sure he would still be happy to have them.
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  8. It's so easy to sneak into Canada from what I've heard
  9. Have you ever been there? I have twice and you can canoe into that joint with all your shit and no one will be the wiser. The border is mostly wilderness.
  10. Ever think of going into the Coyote business?
  11. They're not sneaking in, they are arriving at the border and making a refugee claim. It's the law here that when that happens, they are legally entitled to a refugee hearing in order to determine if they in fact qualify as refugees. What Trudeau is wanting to do is to inform them that just because they get a hearing, it doesn't mean they get to stay. Chances are they will get sent back to Haiti unless they can prove political, religious or sexual persecution. The refuges coming are under the false impression that once they're in, they're in. Trudeau is giving them a crash course in Canadian immigration and refuge policy.
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  12. Ah, I see. Good for him then. Otherwise your shitty socialist system will get much shittier
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  13. You're too much.
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  14. Fair play to Canada for taking in people fleeing the oppressive US state. We can only imagine the horrors that these people have endured in the US. :(
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    According to the article, 85% are from Haiti. Don't know how many of the other 15% are US citizens fleeing. But it's probably just a few disgruntled liberal celebrities.
  16. I'd rather live in a Mexican trailer park over a white one. The Mexicans have better family values.
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  17. I was only taking the piss. :) The border between Canada and the US can't be hard to cross anyway, they can't be patroling the full length of it?

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