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  1. What are your thoughts on him? Why? I personally used to think his music sucked and he's a little faggot, but who am I to judge? Sure his music still sucks and he calls himself a heterosexual in a song but the kid is gettin bank. No matter how many people hate him a majority of people out there, "very small majority", listen to his music and make him money. In the end ppl are gonna hate and he's gonna keep on stackin presidents.
  2. Well people have bad taste in general. Not a bit surprised that he's stackjn paper honestly. Still sad to see what some people consider talent and worthy of millions
  3. He'll be in rehab soon enough
  4. Id love to just beat the fuck out of him :smoking:

  5. thats the problem, he THINKS he is good and has good music... it sucks that a little midget douche (pardon my french) can go along on a free ride cuz his mommy put his videos up on youtube for him... he has a whole team of people telling him how to dress, walk, talk and interact with people... he is just digging his own grave and he probably has 0 social skills... at this point i almost feeling sorry for that little fuck.

    he also cant understand why people hate, all they tell him is haters gonna hate and you have to bring yourself up from it and tell yourself that the haters hate him just because he is famous and not the real reason why they are hating on him. his life is a farce
  6. i thought he was just some disney gimmick like hillary duff or something but then found out he got famous by just doing his thing (lame his thing may be) on youtube and getting recognized so you can't really hate on him for that.
    i've got way more respect for bieber than i do solja boy

    actually scratch the respect part. can't respect how he slaps his name on anything he can.
    when you have stickers and perfumes and nail polishes and all kinds of things like that you've crossed into douchery
  7. thats a bit much. did he fuck ur mom? gf? bf? steal ur shit?

    sure he sucks, like most "artists", n probly needs to gtfo, but such violence is uncalled for. just throw water bottles at him.

    or watch this
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcTLJ692F70]Justin Bieber vs Beethoven -Epic Rap Battles of History #6 - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Girls need to hop of his dick and guys need to stop hatin on him is my opinion. That little canuck is gettin stacks and ballin like a real ni gga
  9. You apparently like him enough to make a topic about him
  10. Ok, here's another question. How would you feel about Justin Bieber if tomorrow you found out that he has the biggest dick in the world?
  11. fuck beaver. fuck her with a big rubber dick


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    This guy wants the bieber HARD
  13. No, I'm just interested if people would stop seeing him as such a feminine figure if it came to light that he was hung like a horse. I personally couldn't give two shits about Bieber I don't really listen to current music.
  14. This guy wishes he was bieber. Lol
  15. I mean just the fact that Justin biebers dick even crossed your mind is sickening. Your a freak dude
  16. You got me, I'm totally obsessed with Justin Bieber. He's all I ever think about. Especially his penis..

  17. I'm waiting for his punk ass to come to the north west so I can burn his tour bus to the ground while he's locked inside.
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    Hey man I'm not making the shit up, I would be willing to bet if you ask any guy what he thinks of bieber the first thing out of their mouth isn't going to be about his cock
  19. lol I was just posing a question on an internet message board. I agree that if in a real life conversation that was the first thing someone said it would be a little suspect. I was just thinking it would be ironic if little bieb was hung, that's all.
  20. Maybe I've been watching too much RJ Berger lately.

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