Justin Beiber is now trolling

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. little punk needs to be bitch-slapped,,,,:cool:
  2. That wasnt funny at all
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    Oh and I'm pissed that fucker is driving a Benz
  4. Wtf he drives now? I thought he was still like 14 lol
  5. I wanna see him try that in the ghetto.
  6. Hmm... excuse me while I make a visit to the assassination forums in deepweb.

    J/K put someone needs to cunt punt that lesbian.
  7. Bad ass man :eek: wait what a girl ass :rolleyes:
  8. i guarantee he only has friends cause money.. must suck
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    Will you guys go smoke some weed?

    Dude was having fun.

    And yea he drives a Mercedes, he paid for it so quit bitching.

    @Vineyard, You're sitting at a computer watching a clip of a kid driving a mercedes through fast food joints and because of that you want to make some rude ass comment about him...must suck
  10. Someone defending Justin Beiber....

    I'm on to you iregisor.....
    or should I say Justin Beiber.
  11. this video has pissed us all off to the max so i'd say 10/10 to the little queen
  12. Not gonna knock him but at least do something funny.
  13. He's not trolling... he's just being a normal retarded teenager.
  14. He really does look like a lesbian though.
  15. There's nothing wrong with beiber. Like what the hell. He's a teenager living a dream and having a shit ton of fun.

    It isn't like he's running around saying fuck everyone I'm the shit. People just hate on him wayyyyyy to much, like honestly grown men hate on this 16 - 17 year old. I'd say he's doin something right, sorry but I can't hate on a kid achieving dreams.
  16. Its because hes famous, yet absolutely talentless at what he does.
  17. He is a pompous douchebag if you watch any interviews with him
  18. i dont get it

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