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Justification of your children...

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, May 28, 2009.

  1. Why is it that when ever a kid gets in trouble, the parents always say "he got mixed up with the wrong crowd" ?

    ... I mean I realize some times kids do get mixed up in some bad shit...

    But I was a horrible kid. Always in trouble.. always doin mass amounts of drugs.. stealin.. what ever it happened to be at that time...

    I now came to the conclusion... I never got mixed up with the wrong crowd... I was the wrong crowd.

    I've changed my life around since that time though..

    I'm just wondering why parents always try to defend what their children did.. is it because they don't want to be ashamed of how they raised them or what...

  2. yeah by saying that they got mixed in with the wrong crowd its like theyre blaming it on other people and not acknowledging that they could have done something wrong too, or it could just be their kid despite how theyve been raised. in deeeeeenial
  3. If not for the fact that yeah, they're kids did get messed up in the wrong crowd, then I would assume it's just an unconscious defense mechanism.

    Your average person doesn't want to admit when they've made a drastic mistake. Either, they're too proud, too blind, too ashamed, or too emotionally involved.

    Especially when it comes to your children. It's easier to say 'It was so-and-so's fault', than to admit that Little Jimmy is a crack-head douche-nozzle.
  4. Well my parents defended my actions.. because they never knew the whole story.. I was always smoking crack, eating mass amounts of pills, .. what ever i could get my hands on..

    If anything, it was my fault my parents defended me.

  5. :laughing:

    My husband and I talk about this frequently. To some parents, their kids can literally do no wrong. Or if they do, it's not their fault.

    It starts when they are little. The kid gets a bad report card in kindergarten and the parents complain to the principal. The kid behaves badly in class, and it's the teacher's fault for not being able to deal with him. I really hate this attitude in society.

    I don't understand why people do this either.
  6. I mean, i was a bad child, i also hung out with 16 year olds since i was like 8. I was in elementary school bringing home porno's from a friends. I think there is such a thing as the wrong crowd, but i don't blame them for my actions. I do wish i never started smoking weed so young, but nothing i can do about it now.
  7. I was a bastard of a kid. I was that kid that peoples parents said "Don't EVER let me catch you hanging out with him" ...

    But ya know what? I don't regret a damn thing in my life.. everything has made me into a better person.. i mean it's taken a lot of work and I cant really say being addicted to pills n crack made me a better person, but at least its given me the out look so i cant look down on people n say "you fuckin crack head.. why dont you just quit smoking crack" .... its not that easy yo.
  8. i think it's cause parents just don't wana blame their kids for anything, and that every parent thinks their kid couldn't do such bad things as drugs and stealing, that they must have been influenced by shady characters, or even TV and videogames
  9. Anyone ever see the bumper sticker: "My pothead smoked up your honor student"

    I don't know why this thread reminded me of that :laughing:
  10. ......i WANT that bumper sticker..... :eek:
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    Because parents don't like admiting that they fucked up? Maybe they fail that they are to blame, but sometimes the kid is just a bad seed, and he has to learn on his own. I can't give a definite answer, because I don't have kids...but it's probably easier to put blame on them being influenced, then realizing that your kid is just a fuck up.
  12. Smoke crack...
  13. I think parents just cant see their precious little children doing the things that they did, so they jump to the conclusion that someone pressured them into it.
  14. some people just dont fuckin think is what I believe. Shit happens.
  15. Holy fuck... IT lives.... You haven't called my cell in a few days.. n i havent seen u on the City in fuckin ages
  16. because when you pop em out, a child is basically nothing more than an animal to be trained.

    if your dog bites you, you better believe that you are fault inherently.

    You gotta know how and why you're raising your kid, everything and everyONE needs a purpose.

    For the good of mankind, sir. Let no soul go to waste.
  17. It's just the easier conclusion to come to.
    People have trouble accepting the facts.
    My .02

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