Justice? Bullshit.

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  1. I got arrested back in February. I was selling bud to my friends, and I made the mistake of hooking up 2 kids I didn't know too well. I hung out with them a lot, and the one was rolling X for no reason a few times so I figured they wouldn't be a threat, but somehow both got caught and immediately flipped on me. What really grinds my gears is the fact that the police set me up with the one dude twice in 6 days, then waited a few months and set me up a third time before arresting me.

    I understand they were trying to pile up charges to force me to set up my connect, but I don't respect snitching so I'm stuck with a lot of shit. I don't see how they have no problem letting me deal for a few months before busting me, if I'm such a terrible person and deserve to be in jail, why didn't they just arrest me when they first set me up? They're treating the situation as if I had 3 run-ins with the police because there are 3 different dates, when in reality this is my first offense-- but I'm going to get screwed.

    The other fucked up part is they tried to get me to sell on school grounds and in a school zone. I didn't do it, but they had the both CIs ask me to meet him in the parking lot at his dorm or on campus so they could also stick me with mandatory prison sentences-- which would land me in the state pen rather than the county playground. When anybody is busted for selling anything, the police NEVER assume its their first deal, so setting me up multiple times to prove I'm a DEALER doesn't make much sense. I think its wrong for them to manipulate the law so they can put me in whatever position they want, either I'm a criminal that deserves to go to jail, or I'm not threatening/hurting anybody and they can afford to let me continue for a few months before doing something about it.

    ANYWAY, your thoughts?
  2. That's what they usually do with all dealers, there not going to bust you right when they find out, there gonna wait and collect evidence and eventually finally bust you after you've done enough so they can put you away for a long, long time. Fucking pigs.
  3. a.k.a. so they can effectively ruin my future and destroy my record over a fucking plant. awesome. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. Yep, that's what those cop fuckers do.
  5. I think it's wrong that they can set you up and lie and other bullshit to get you to confess to things. It's just immoral and I don't understand how they sleep at night, they know marijuana isn't all that bad. They might preach it, but they know they truth.

    So, yeah, they basically know they're ruining like 19 year old's lives and shit without a care in the fucking world. ;)

  6. Your absolutely right bodydrop and I'm sorry to hear what's happening to you. It's like the story of that college graduate girl and they set her up to do some heavy deals with dangerous moolinyans. She got caught with some bud and they threatened her with a lot of crap unless she setup deals with some thugs. They made her buy like 100x the usual amount, an amount these thugs wouldn't even be capable of supplying and she got killed.

    She got killed...it's messed up the things they do. They can setup stings to where they pretend to be drug dealers or they can be drug buyers, it makes no sense.
  7. I think it's bullshit that some dumb fucking idiot fucks up and gets himself caught can just throw out a name of someone else doing something illegal, get off with a slap on the wrists, and turn the life of who is essentially an "innocent bystander" into complete and utter chaos. Fuck the justice system. If you're doing something that never raised suspicion before and isn't harming anyone, it's fucking bullshit that some fucktard can just shell out your name and use it as a get out jail free card.
  8. the funny part is... my connect is a philly blood. im not bullshitting. obviously I can't just flip on him, hes actually a good friend of mine, I smoke blunts at his place... I told the pigs the guy above me has dangerous connections... he moves 10(ish) pounds a week or so, he paid for his PSU education serving bud to the campus. when I told them he wasn't somebody I could set up they didn't even listen to me. I said it wasn't just me that I'd be worried about, I have a family and they live half an hour from the campus-- I didn't want anything to happen-- but the cops have asked me at least 3 times since to "buy some pot" to lessen my situation. Its so extremely predatory, they're willing to put me in danger and possibly sacrifice my life to stop a relatively small amount of a PLANT from coming into a college town that has MANY MANY MANY dealers as it is.

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